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25+ Storage and Alternative Design Ideas Under The Stairs

In today’s article, we invite you to explore about 30 ideas to design a family space that is often underestimated and rarely used-the one below the stairs. Most of the time, we hardly use it, or it is better to install some kind of storage device under the stairs. In fact, this place has incredible potential! Learn how to set it up successfully through the photo gallery below!

1- Underground

Underground staircase entrance house coat rack bench cube.

2- Store under an open staircase in a super stylish modular box

Under the stairs storage modular cabinet independent box

Modular base cabinets or storage cabinets with multiple independent compartments are the most suitable options for installation under the steps, because you can modify the height and shape of a particular staircase according to the model.

3- 2 in 1 storage space and office at home under the spiral staircase

The original idea for the underground storage space of the 2-in-1 home office

When you can make the most of this space, why settle down under ordinary stairs? Our suggestion: build your own home office!

4- Super cautious design cunning under the idea of ​​stairwell

Idea reminder photos stored under the stairs

The storage space under the stairs is almost invisible and is an ideal solution for modern design entrances. In order to make the cabinet under the stairs invisible (or almost invisible), please choose a door without handles or with recessed handles, the color of which should be the same as the color of the door.

5- Interesting thoughts on extraordinary storage under stairs with multiple compartments

Extraordinarily designed wooden staircase storage

This is not a single locker under the wooden stairs, but 2 uniquely designed models! In addition to many practical compartments, the second variant even provides a small hiding place for pets!

6- Elegant storage shelves under the stairs, woven baskets and farmhouse style decorations

Elegant storage baskets under the stairs, woven cabins, and chic decorations

In addition to being super practical, this storage cabinet under the stairs exudes unparalleled elegance! There is nothing more chic than woven baskets and decorative country style on a delicate white background!

7- Storage space under the stairs with sliding doors can be used as a super elegant buffet

White restaurant buffet with storage under dark solid wood stairs

Of course, this kind of storage space under the stairs is not universal, and you can only benefit from it if your restaurant is next to the stairs. Either way, it’s super original and stylish!

8- The storage room under the stairs is converted into a reading corner with a wall-mounted bookcase and a bench under the window

Exotic carpet in the reading corner of the bookshelf under the bookshelf under the stairs

For those who like reading and clever design, the library stairs are a super advantageous solution! If you still have windows, add a bench below to create a charming reading corner.

9- Exquisite classic decoration, white and black, stored on matching shelves under the stairs

Classic house with storage white wall shelves under the stairs

Custom wall shelves are one of the best underground storage solutions because they can be arranged in any height, width and design style.

10- The home office is under the steps of the stairs, it is considered useless to make full use of this space

Original and elegant home office storage under the stairs

Is there an alternative to classic storage under the stairs? there are many! We provide you with quick overview photos, outlining the space layout under the steps of home office, kitchenette, etc. Please enjoy!

11- If you don’t need a home office right now, what are some ideas?

Alternative storage under the stairs in an exotic and chic home office

This is one of the most obvious alternatives to storage under stairs with shelves and drawers-create a home office! Of course, if needed. Otherwise-everyone can benefit from the following ideas!

12- Of course, everyone can enjoy the second toilet, especially such a beautiful toilet!

Baroque wallpaper for toilets stored under the stairs

Yes, this is great! This requires more energy, time and a lot of investment, but in the end it is worth the effort!

13- If the construction of the house and the layout of the second floor allow, we can even create a small kitchen!

Alternative layout of the storage kitchen under the stairs

Speaking of practical problems, when this design is coordinated with the rest of the first floor, setting up a chic small kitchen instead of going to a regular underground staircase is the best solution.

14- Wheeled bar cabinet can be used as a super practical interlocking storage under the stairs

Interlocking under-stair storage unit with casters and drawers

This is the storage unit under the stairs, with drawers and open boxes, suitable for underneath the matching wooden steps! If it is not enough, the bar cabinet is located on casters for easy movement.

15- You can even set up a mini lounge area in front of the cabinet

Discreet storage corner armchair table apooint under stairs

If you want the cabinets under the stairs to not protrude from the front door, please draw your attention to other elements, such as reading or seating areas, you just need to face it. Smart?

16- Entrance Hall

Storage under the stairs-practical and beautiful coat rack. Storage fixed to the entrance wall of modern furniture under the stairs.

17- Kitchen

The kitchen should be installed under a modern staircase-a good idea to save space. Storage under the stairs-contemporary kitchen under the stairs.

18- Office Area

Office area under the stairs-already possible. Storage under the stairs-corner-office-practical.

19- Corner Space

Set up an office at home under the stairs. Storage of corner space in office corner under stairs.

20- Cabinet

Sliding door wardrobe under the stairs. Storage cabinet under the stairs-custom cabinet mirror frame.

21- Children’s Office

The space under the stairs becomes a super cute children’s office. Alternative underground storage practical children’s desk.

22- Luxurious Kitchen

Storage under the stairs-alternative luxury kitchen ideas. Storage space under the library stairs and other arrangements of the luxurious kitchenette with mosaic.

23- Toilet

Any square meter can be used! Layout of the toilet in the storage room under the stairs.

24- IKEA Stairs

A storage cabinet under the IKEA stairs with multiple practical storage boxes. IKEA stores in several locations in the large space under the stair.

25- Avar UK custom sliding drawer

Avar Furniture UK practical under-stair storage.

26- Sliding Drawers

Use discreet sliding drawers with round recessed handles to store under the stairs. Avar furniture designer under the stairs.