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Steps to Organize Pictures and Photos in the Room

There is no denying it: one of the decor trends that resists the most over time is the arrangement of paintings and photographs on the living room wall. Discover ways to do it in yours.

Despite being one of the most used trends in interior decoration, it is also one of the most complex in terms of organization. It is true that you can place photographs in passe-partouts and arrange them in strategic places in the room, but it is not as easy if you prefer to hang the objects on the wall.

In addition to this idea, you can use others that make a difference in your home decor. But for now, let’s focus on organizing pictures and photos on the living room wall.

How to organize paintings and photos in the room ways to do it

Before choosing the way you like best to organize your memories, it is important to realize that the balance between objects is essential. With this, we want to explain to you that you should consider the size of the wall you want to decorate, as well as the distance to the floor and ceiling.

One of the simplest ways to find the ideal balance is to opt for the most central part of the wall. Of course, you don’t need to measure the exact distances between the two points, but it is important that you are as aware of these distances as possible. With the ways to organize paintings and photos that we will introduce you to below, we are sure that the task will be simpler.

Rectangular shape

By arranging the frames and photos (or just one of them) in a rectangular shape, it ensures that all spaces are properly filled and that none is “empty”. This is because there is always a “centre” piece, which must be bigger than the others.

So, choose a larger photo/frame to place in the center of the composition that will be built based on its center. You can “play” with rectangular and square frames, the effect remains.

In cloud

Organizing the paintings and photos on the living room wall in a cloud works very well with other trends, such as the decoration in pastel shades. This is a freer way of displaying pictures and/or photographs, especially if compared to the first one.

The only reference you should take into account in this case is the alignment of the frames on the lower base. This means that, regardless of where you want to hang the paintings and/or photographs, you should always line them up with their bottom edge—of course you don’t need to use identical frames of the same size, as it’s advisable not to.

Frames of various sizes

We know that as soon as you think about arranging pictures and photos on the living room wall of different sizes, you most likely think that the arrangement won’t work, but that’s where you’re wrong.

The important thing is that again don’t leave empty spaces, allowing the frames to be placed side by side. Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to choose frames and/or photos of different sizes to achieve the desired effect. Thus, the frames end up being organized in an asymmetrical way.

Don’t hang, lean 

Another original way to organize, for example, a painting or a larger photograph is to lean it against the wall, a great idea if you even want to decorate your room in an industrial style.

Just as you would, for example, touch a tall mirror, you can also touch a photograph or picture. At the same time, you can hang smaller frames around this element to fill the living room wall. Of course, this suggestion, we leave to your discretion.

On the other hand, these cheaper materials are the most suitable for allergic people, for example, so they turn out to be a great investment.

Draw a square 

One of the simplest ways to organize pictures and photos on the living room wall is to form a square. In addition to this general layout, you can even choose only square frames to make the process simpler.

Choosing this form of layout ensures that, regardless of the frames and/or photos you choose, the final layout will work very well. However, it is important to remember that you should find the ideal balance between the frames, without leaving too much empty space between them.

With these ways to organize paintings and photographs, your room will gain a new life and it will also have important moments in your life, an aspect that makes the decoration much more special.

Choose only one of the ways of organizing that we have shown you and avoid combining them, as you run the risk of obtaining the harmony you are looking for.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to drill through the wall, because you don’t need to. Instead, you can opt for other fixation options such as adhesive mass, Velcro and even double-sided adhesive tape.

The most important thing is that, in the end, you identify with the decoration you just created.