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23 Styles in Trend for Decorating the Wall With Photos

Wall with photos

Decorating with photos is a common decorating resource that I love. However, between doing it balanced and pretty to make a messy hodgepodge, there’s only one step. There can be as many formulas and tastes for decorating walls with photos as there are people, but in this article, I propose several alternatives that work. I repeat, they are examples and not all, but I would like you to keep the main ideas to build your own design. 

1. Fine wooden frames

Fine wooden frames

The wooden frames are one of the most elegant styles and it gives an amazing look on the wall. The minimalism and warmth provided by fine wooden frames, result in a Nordic style and highlight the power of photos on a plain white wall. To make the effect even more powerful, choose some photos of your travels in black and white. Beaches, seas or horizons are very good options as seen in the photo. 

2. Maximalist corner for stair-step

Maximalist corner for stair-step

Maximalism is a return to the past – to the houses of our grandparents – that must be well understood. It is not worth anything as it can become an epic fail. One of the possibilities that fit in a maximalist style is to keep the same line of photos. In this design, they are drawings of plants, birds or objects -without a background- on a white background. In addition, the combination of two colours that complement each other perfectly such as gold and black highlight its content. The corner of a staircase, as a concept of ‘dead’ space, is a good place to dare with maximalism. 

3. Decorate with magazine cover photos

Decorate with magazine cover photos

Old covers are always perfect to occupy important places in the world of design. Its vintage style that does not expire adds an unmistakable touch of style to a wall. Decorating with magazine covers, of course, all the same, size is ideal to create the most stylish corner in your home. I find it great for a reading corner or an office. 

4. Photos on shelves

Photos on shelves

If you are looking for a comfortable way to decorate your home with photos, this is yours. Placing a string of photos with their frames on some shelves does not require more fixings. As you may have already noticed from the rest of the styles, keeping the same tone in the photos seems key to achieving a pleasant effect in the decoration. I warn you, there is also room for colour, but it is true that black and white are less oppressive colours when it comes to small spaces.

5. Large format split into various frames

Large format split into various frames

You will see that I have chosen several large-format photos during the article. The large format is a resource that, in addition to its comfort – it only requires thinking about a photo -, generates an impact on the eye proportional to the size. Therefore, not just any photo will do, but a beautiful photo is enough to fill an environment or room. I, who am a fan of maps, have been blown away by this composition. With a series of frames of the same style and size, you can cut the photo into as many pieces as you want to put frames. This is the result. One pass, right? 

Large format split into various frames 1

You can achieve the same effect with other elements. For example, the leaves of plants and their green that I like so much, give a super special touch to workspaces such as on the desk.

6. Decorate with photos around a decorative map

Decorate with photos around a decorative map

This combination of travel photos around the profile of a map seems amazing to me. The world map is metallic and is purchased. The photos represent trips around the world. In addition to being evocative, it is a great way to summarize the best moments of your escapades around the world. The homogeneity of the style and the beautiful visual impact is achieved by the black of the frames, just like the metallic black of the world map.

Decorate with photos around a decorative map 1

Instead of around the map, you can spread the photos inside the map. I like the first option better, but if your idea is somewhat more carefree, the one below is a very suitable option for second rooms or youth bedrooms.

7. Photos to the ground! No nails needed

Photos to the ground! No nails needed

Lowering the photos to the ground is a bit of a dangerous idea. And I’m not talking about you being able to kick or move the couch, fall and break, that too. I mean that an overdose of photos on the floor can give the opposite feeling to the one desired: absolute disaster instead of controlled modernity. eye! It seems like a very stylish idea if done right. To achieve this, I recommend that you choose your photos very well and that you practice less is more. 

8. New styles to decorate with photos: hang them with washi tape

New styles to decorate with photos hang them with washi tape

Teenage desk? Not! Very stylish and original desk. I don’t recommend using this method of decorating with photos with washi tape for elegant rooms like the living room or the headboard of the bed. Yes for the desk area or the kitchen, more casual environments where practicality should prevail. This composition could have been made by someone crazy about trends because it meets all their requirements. Fashion, inspiring messages, Pantone and of course, the Eiffel Tower, the most photographed monument in the world. 

9. Decoration with photos of celebrities

Decoration with photos of celebrities 
Do you recognize any of the faces in the photo? If you have a certain adolescent spirit and do not want to be tacky using the typical posters, I recommend this format of decoration with photos. Choose portraits of your favourite celebrities or artists, change them to black and white (although you will surely find them that way already) and print them at the same size to place them in equal black frames. I imagine a corner of the house where you listen to your songs or watch your favourite movies and opposite, this museum of celebrities.

10. Wide photo frames to decorate the wall

Wide photo frames to decorate the wall

I admit that wide frames are not my favourite style. Possibly, because in small or medium-sized photos, they take centre stage from the photo and I really like photography. However, the effect that wide frame formats create is powerful. Mix several complimentary colours (blue and gold for example) and you will get a very attractive wall. 

11. Photos hanging with rope on the wall

Photos hanging with rope on the wall

Rustic ways of hanging photos will never go out of style. Being a very easy formula to replace photos (they are hung with pins on a rope), it has the advantage of being able to build a living corner in which we change them from time to time. For the same reason and in order not to form a hodgepodge of images, I suggest you create this photo space about the same moment or theme. As a review of those moments that you want to show or not forget. 

12. Giant format photos to decorate a wall

Giant format photos to decorate a wall

The large-format, as I have said above, has many advantages. The main one, which fills in a wall. To escape from black and white – which on the other hand, always looks so good – I have chosen a giant photo of the sea. On a white wall, it creates a beautiful and very inspiring effect. Large frame + large photo = Very powerful impact.

Giant format photos to decorate a wall 1

If a wall in your house is split by a door in half, you can use two large twin frames. I only recommend it for large stays. If not, the effect can be overwhelming. 

13. Photos of doors to climb a staircase

Photos of doors to climb a staircase 
Fan of door photos? I am it. Doors have always had a certain mysterious effect, I imagine that because your imagination leads you to suppose what is behind them. In addition, the variety of doors that you can find in cities, especially in the most stylish cities, make for very cool photos. Until now I had not talked about the mat-cardboard box that is placed between the frame and the framed photo-, but their effect is none other than to highlight the photo. For the wall in the photo, which tends to gray, they are great. 

14. Brutal or maximalist style for decoration with very effective photos

Brutal or maximalist style for a decoration with very effective photos

Warning: DO NOT practice this format if your house has low ceilings. Your stress level will increase from the moment you practice it. In houses with high ceilings, a maximalist style of decoration with photos like the one below manages to transfer us to an art gallery. That, of course, if you make a selection of photos, drawings and paintings with a certain taste. In the maximalist style, it is worth combining different types and sizes of frames. Another important thing is to delimit your maximalist space. If you go over, you will become Diogenes.

Trick! If you start counting the frames, imagine how many holes you would have to make in the wall to hang them. 

15. The latest trend in desks: copper grid to hang photos or whatever you want

The latest trend in desks copper grid to hang photos or whatever you want

The collage of photos went – thank you! – from the folder to the desk bars. Although they are used to hang notes or utensils of a lot of use that you want to always have at hand on the desk, you can use them decoratively to hang photos. Please don’t saturate it or as it is said, the desk rack will die of success. 

16. Rustic style for hanging photos with clip

Rustic style for hanging photos with clip

I must say that these still lifes inspire a kitchen atmosphere in me. The style, which is rustic and very original because of the clips, I would not take it to a living room of an urban apartment, but to the kitchen, the bathroom or a study. In addition, the ease of hanging and unhooking your photos can make it a very versatile space to also hang the shopping list or the daily menu. 

17. Instagram wall for a real wall

Instagram wall Instagram wall for a real wall 1

Have you ever considered printing your Instagram photos? Here you have a good idea. Both with a light frame, as without a frame, or captured on top of wooden blocks, there are 2 options that I propose to bring those photos to real life with so much style that you can upload to an Instagram. Another more piratilla option is to take the photos of a profile that you follow and love it. It can be a very cool corner. 

18. Decorate the wall with a poster

Decorate the wall with a poster

Pretty and stylish posters, please, aren’t just for teen rooms. I recommend that you frame them with thin frames to give your living room or office a very cool minimalist style. Looking at the photo, I don’t know if I’m in the most modern record company in the city or in the middle of a living room. 

19. Decorate with travel memories

Decorate with travel memories

If you are crazy about maps and travel memorabilia, you can create your own wall museum. Please with style. Avoid framing things like a string of transportation tickets and focus on what’s important. Maps, plane ticket, a postcard … If you don’t do it with a little order, you may have a result that borders on the tacky. 

20. Long live black and white photos

 Long live black and white photos

The black and white photos are repeated throughout the article, but they cannot be otherwise. Wall decoration and black & white is a style that will never go out of style and that adds a lot of elegance to your decoration, added to a pinch of mystery. The photos in the image below, of everyday situations, are worthy of a travel journalist. If you like photography, this style is ideal for printing your favourite captures and turning them into home decorations. 

21. Decoration with photos of plants and animals

 Decoration with photos of plants and animals  Decoration with photos of plants and animals 1 If you love nature and the peace it brings, I am sure you are going to like this style. The truth is that it is not about photos but about drawings of plants, flowers and animals. It is no less true that the style of this composition, with a wall, painted in light green and paintings with cream-coloured mat, achieves a very beautiful romantic/rustic effect. 

22. Corner used with some shelves for photos

Corner used with some shelves for photos

The end of the hall sometimes leaves ‘dead’ spaces in which things like this super cute photo corner can be built. In the corridor in the image, between the two doors that give access to two rooms, they have created rustic wooden shelves on which are placed photos with frames in two colours: white and turquoise. The result is impressive to me. 

23. Unique spaces for a decoration style with photos

Unique spaces for a decoration style with photos

I end up with two styles that have made me fall in love. The first, a photo split into two frames on a beach scene. The wooden frames of a thickness of about 3 cm. They give a lot on a white wall and a black and white photo. Putting the frames on the floor covered with a rustic carpet is a success. Love it. Do you like it? 

 Unique spaces for a decoration style with photos 1

The style of the last composition follows the same line. In the end, matching multiple large prints increases the visual impact of photos and is an easy way to create an unforgettable space. When choosing which pieces to put together, stay true to the same theme: seascapes, blacks and whites, or landscapes with similar colour tones. This will strengthen the message you want to convey in your space. 

I would love for you to send us other decoration compositions with photos that you like. And if you want, you can leave us a comment about what your preferred composition is. Until the next article!