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12 Ideas and Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden


With the arrival of good weather, we all know that Saturday after-hours tend to last until late at night. Although spring brings rainy days too, it is always good to anticipate and think about adequate lighting to enjoy your garden during the hottest nights. You don’t know what to wear or which ones will adapt better? We have compiled 13 ideas to illuminate the garden that will help you to illuminate it in a practical and decorative way.

1. Generate different environments

The shade of the bulbs you choose is essential to create a calm, comfortable and well-lit environment at the same time. Did you know that light is better suited to some rooms more than others? Temperature indicates the hue of the light and is usually measured in degrees Kelvin.

Warm tones illuminate the garden

Warm tones illuminate the garden

The light bulbs in warm tones – they are above 4500k- allow to create more welcoming outdoor spaces. The temperature of this type of lights is more suitable to create lax and cosy environments.

Cool shades to illuminate the garden

Cool shades to illuminate the garden

On the other hand, light bulbs with cool tones – they are below 3500k – are usually more suitable for workspaces. Although, they can be placed in outdoor spaces. The most suitable places for cool-toned lights are in the passage areas of the garden.

2. Light up the garden with giant natural fiber lamps

Light up the garden with giant natural fiber lamps

When you hear a giant lamp, you surely think of a hulk. However, they are a perfect element to place on the roof of the porch, when lighting large tables. Its design gives a very trendy look to the garden, both day and night. Some are made of very light materials such as paper or natural fibers. So don’t worry about the weight!

3. Outdoor floor lamps

Outdoor floor lamps

Floor lamps are a good option to place in garden areas where there are in and out seats or sofas. So you can create a well-lit outdoor living room!

4. Highlight items to light up the garden!

Highlight items to light up the garden!

Another way to give light to those areas of passage is to highlight elements of the garden through light. Install lights on the ground along a path or around trees to create a more decorative effect.

A solution that hardly takes up space with a good light output for the garden is the spotlights. The ideal is to place them in places with little light since the lighting they project is directional and can be annoying for the space intended for meetings. In addition, you can find them in different colours to create a more daring environment.

5. Outdoor string lights

Outdoor string lights

Outdoor garlands of lights are essential to illuminate and decorate the garden. You can place them on the pergolas or joining one corner and another of the garden. Or even on the trees.

6. Choose energy-efficient to light your garden!

Choose energy-efficient to light your garden!

Efficient energy is another important aspect to reduce light consumption. Light bulbs with motion sensors or those that are charged by sunlight are a great choice. So you can save on your electricity bill!

7. Portable lamps

Portable lamps

Portable lamps are an excellent resource because you can place them both on large tables or on coffee tables, as well as in any corner of the garden. And without having to plug them in, since they usually have rechargeable batteries.

8. Distribute the light, depending on the areas of your garden

Distribute the light, depending on the areas of your garden

Garden lighting will be more effective if you distribute it at different points, in order to harmonize the space. Avoid concentrating all the lighting in one area and try to combine intensities, for example, place candles in the centre of the tables and accompany it with more powerful lighting such as ceiling lamps or wall lights.

9. The beacons for the entrance

The beacons for the entrance

Another type of lights that are great to install in the garden is beacons. There are multiple formats and you can place them at the entrance to the garden porch or next to bushes and plants that you have on. Its main mission is to mark the less illuminated areas!

10. The streetlights illuminate the garden in a powerful way

The streetlights illuminate the garden in a powerful way

If your garden is very large and you need good lighting, the best are streetlights. It is the option with the greatest light projection!

11. Candles help create cosy spaces


Candles are a very appropriate choice to illuminate specific areas of the garden and complement lamps with more power. It can be placed on large tables, centre tables, auxiliary tables or hanging lanterns.

12. Bet on smart lighting

Bet on smart lighting

Try to create lighting that doesn’t require electrical wiring. In this way, the garden will present a much more aesthetic and decorative appearance. For this, we recommend that the lights be connected to your mobile device. That is, you can control the lights from anywhere in your house, without the need for switches or wiring! We have seen this Philips model on Amazon.