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25 Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Eclectic Kitchen Design – Eclectic is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hardest decorating styles to pull off and yet can be the most rewarding. This is a style that showcases YOU in an unabashed and curated fashion. It definitely requires plenty of creativity, and often most of us tend to learn more about a particular room and what works for it through a trial and error method. While eclectic living rooms are already incredibly popular in homes all over the world, the idea of a delightful eclectic kitchen is something that is still catching on. With homeowners moving away from clean-cut kitchens of the past, now is definitely the time to go down this exciting, bespoke path.

Every eclectic kitchen is different and what works for one might not really seem so appealing in the other. But there are still some basic design principles that work well even in a bold eclectic kitchen that shuns convention. From color and texture, to a blend of styles and organizational flair, the 25 fascinating eclectic kitchens on display today offer a world of amazing ideas for your own kitchen.

Eclectic Kitchen Design – If you love color, then going eclectic is both a delight and a challenge for you. Putting together kitchen cabinets, worktops, chinaware and energetic walls in contrasting hues can be a pretty daunting task. Remember that if you are picking more than 4 or 5 colors for your eclectic kitchen, you will need some other element to bind all the conflicting elements together. Style and geometry are a good way forward here. By using cabinets, shelves and a backdrop in a single style (be it modern, traditional, rustic or farmhouse) and a repetition of simple outlines and shapes, one creates a more coherent and inviting kitchen.

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Another smart approach is using a colorful backdrop for the kitchen by painting the walls in a bright and unexpected hue, but picking cabinets and d├ęcor in a neutral palette. The opposite approach of an unassuming background in white or gray and brilliant cabinets in red, yellow or purple is probably a bit too monotonous, as it seems all too common in modern kitchens. The really daring ones can also use color-blocking to make a stunning visual statement.

Eclectic Kitchen Design – One of the reasons we personally adore eclectic kitchens is the effortless ease with which they blend not just styles and hues but also textures and time periods! An eclectic kitchen looks like a curated work of art that has been developed layer by layer over years, as you constantly add and remove elements in a search of elusive perfection. This definitely means an exposed brick wall, large windows with a dark steel frame, industrial-style pendant lighting, contemporary shelves, flamboyant dishware, and wooden and stone worktops can all be accommodated into one magical kitchen!
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