Kitchen Design

Ideas for Renovating Cabinets at Home

Renovating a house does not necessarily involve buying new furniture. It is possible to redecorate the home with the furniture that one has or by buying antique furniture that can be restored. There are many restoration techniques applicable to any piece of furniture, some of which need to be handled by professionals in the field and others that are easier to do, such as DIY projects (Do it yourself). In the mood to renovate your home decor? Start with the closets! Bring new life to spaces with restored furniture.

1. From old closet to nautical closet

This example takes a disused cupboard and turns it into a nautical-style cupboard. To do this, it is necessary to remove the pieces from inside the cabinet so that it is lighter, including opening windows in the doors and covering them with net. Lastly, you need to paint the closet in shades of blue, white or red.

2. From old classic to classic vintage

Once again using paint to give a new look to the cabinet , this piece was painted in old white and had the doors lined with vintage French flower pattern fabric to give a completely different image than it had before.

3. A completely different piece of furniture

This closet went to bookcase in an instant. To this end, the interior was renovated with wallpaper and new shelves, the exterior was painted in a bright color and the old doors were replaced with glass. From an amorphous closet came a beautiful and completely different bookcase!

4. A bedroom closet in the kitchen

Tired of your old closet? Turn it into a beautiful kitchen furniture. For this you should make changes to the doors (replacing them with glass doors), place new shelves, implement a new color and wallpaper that matches the interior. This is, without a doubt, a renovation to try and recommend, isn’t it?

5. Charming closet for the child’s bedroom

It’s old, but that doesn’t mean it should be considered a disused closet, after all, with a touch here and there… it can always give a new look to decorating a child’s room. In this specific case, the wall cabinet was painted white, receiving on the outside some simple details that brought it charm and authenticity.

6. A closet for a thousand definitions

Boho, Chic, Shabby, Mexican… choose a style for this closet! From a common closet and with the help of a lot of imagination, a unique closet was born that is easily restored. Use this idea to add a touch of color to a room at home.

7. Closet far from standard

In order to escape the patterns of what was a closet until recently, how about painting your closet with an artistic pattern that is pleasing to the eye? Once upon a time a white cabinet… now it’s a cabinet painted with a pattern of different colors. That’s an idea to keep in mind when thinking about redecorating a room: a work of art!

8. A closet that you feel like coloring

Another idea to keep in mind is to paint the cabinet in a solid tone and then create a design over the top. This abstract example looks like an artistic work, get inspired… You can choose from a wide range of drawing possibilities. Remember: a can of paint, a lot of creativity and imagination can make all the difference when decorating your home.

9. A closet where you can write

And how about painting the closet with paint that has a slate effect where you can write with chalk? It’s not just for children’s rooms, as you can use it in your room and change the messages and designs whenever you feel like it.