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10 Brilliant Work From Home Office, Lighting and Decor Ideas

Working from Home-Which office, lighting and decoration to choose? More and more people work from home, even if only temporarily. The flexibility of working from home is a big advantage, especially for families with young children. In the office, the employer must ensure pleasant conditions and a healthy working environment for the employees, while in the home office, the responsibility for creating a healthy and inspiring working environment lies with us. But what factors play a crucial role in the layout of a home office? What kind of furniture, lighting and decoration to choose to make working at home more comfortable and efficient? Find out in the following paragraphs!

1- Work from home-find your own style!

Work at home-office-solid wood matching dressing table brown leather armchair round mirror

By combining the right furniture with the right elements of art and warmth, your personal motivation and happiness will be greatly improved. Especially when working from home in the creative field, you must be careful and create a very exciting work environment. This can be achieved with the help of decorative murals and other artworks, but it can also be achieved with, for example, colors and adding greenery (the theme will be mentioned again at the end of this article). It is important that the “scene” of working from home reflects your own unique style, which contributes to pleasant mood and high productivity.

2- Comfortable homework-tables and chairs are essential

Homework Male Office Desk Metal Carpet Cowhide Whiteboard

Since the office is the “core” of the home office, special attention should be paid. For people suffering from back pain or muscle cramps, an ergonomic chair is the most basic, but the desk model is also very important. Ideally, the table must be liftable and the height of the chair must also be adjustable. Therefore, you can change your position and even stand for a few minutes to temporarily relieve any discomfort. The height of the table usually depends on the height of the user. In order for people with a height of about 1.60 to work at home comfortably, it is recommended to use a table with a height of between 68-70 cm. For those between 1.70 m-74-76 cm; suitable for 1.80 m-77-79 cm, up to 1.90 m and higher-83-85 cm. It is also important that the depth of the workbench should be at least 75 cm and the width should be at least 60 cm. Depending on the equipment, documents and other items that the office needs to accommodate, it has a high degree of comfort.

3- Home office-things to consider when working in front of a computer screen

Work home office glass bookcase storage floor lamp interior design black

Many occupations in the family require the presence and daily use of computers. Unfortunately, a few hours in front of the screen every day is a major challenge for the eyes. Therefore, it is important to take certain precautions to avoid fatigue and more serious problems. Flat panel displays are always preferred for CRT displays. In order to work comfortably at home without hiding eye health risks, it is also important to maintain a proper distance between the eyes and the screen. It should not be less than 65 cm and greater than 77 cm. It is best to rest for 5 minutes every 45 minutes to relax the eyes. Shooting out of the window from time to time can help prevent vision problems. Please buy computer glasses that protect your eyes and make your home work easier. People who often work in front of a screen and suffer from vision problems or headaches must consult an ophthalmologist.

4- Home office-lighting conditions are the decisive factor for the successful completion of home work

Office worker office home sofa green wall wall lamp wall lamp rocker arm

For health and work efficiency, the lighting conditions of the home office are the decisive factor. Lack of enough light or too bright light will not only cause visual discomfort, but also reduce the productivity of working at home, in addition to posture problems, and even cause fatigue or restlessness. In addition, the experts are unanimous-we are most efficient when working in the open air. Of course, this is not always possible, but it provides us with useful information about the correct layout of a home office and effective home work. When possible, it is best to avoid artificial light sources and narrow, narrow spaces with no windows. It is best if the office is located next to the window, close to natural light sources.

5- Homework organized using a wooden table by the window

Home Office Laminate Floor Ottoman Solid Wood Desk

Of course, it is utopian to completely remove the lamp, but at least the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted according to specific conditions. The power of the bulb mainly depends on the layout of the office. If it is located near a window, a brightness of 300 lux in the middle or back of the room is sufficient-between 500 and 1000 lux. LED bulbs and warm white fluorescent tubes emit light closest to “daylight”, so they are the first choice. The combination of LED lights, large windows and desk lamps is considered to be very good lighting for home offices and allows comfortable and “bright” home work. Other factors also play an important role. It is not recommended to choose a mirror or glossy work surface, because it will reflect light and will dazzle us and cause eye irritation.

6- Working from home-tips to improve office comfort and order

Homework male office decoration purple abstract painting

Mess has nowhere to sit in a successful home office! Therefore, it is necessary to invest in small resources, which will contribute to good order and organization when working from home. The small storage unit next to the desk can store the documents you use every day, while the wall shelf next to the wall can store the things you don’t use every day, which is a good choice to make your work at home easier. If you have clients who must be received in the office, please add a comfortable armchair or small straight sofa to provide them with a seat. The coat rack behind the door or on the wall next to the door and the coffee table in front of the sofa will also make your customers or colleagues feel comfortable, which is essential to your work.

7- What background color allows you to work comfortably at home?

Office Workers-Office-Elegant Light Wood Floors Gray Walls Picture Walls

This is a well-known fact-colors affect people’s happiness and affect our emotions throughout the day. Therefore, we must choose them according to our own preferences, and we must also choose them according to their psychological influence and the specific conditions of the space. A common problem with working from home is that you don’t have enough space to build a good home office, and you end up in a claustrophobic trap! Fortunately, colors can help us avoid panic! Dark colors make small rooms appear narrower, while bright colors can make people feel uneasy, so the best choices are light colors, natural background colors and soft tones. Placing bold colors everywhere or covering a wall with patterned wallpaper is a good way to save a clear space of sterile air and improve working conditions at home. One of the best ways to decorate and make the office more comfortable is to add some greenery! But besides being beautiful, potted plants are also very convenient. Especially in winter, when the internal air is dry, this will adversely affect the mucous membranes and open the door to colds. Then, these plants act as natural and quiet humidifiers, providing fresh oxygen for the office and creating a good microclimate! Therefore, add green plants to work comfortably and healthily at home! Here are some types that are particularly easy to maintain and ideal for home offices:

8- Effective homework-add greenery!

Work home office loft musical instrument green plants clean white background

1) Potted rubber tree (Ficus elastica)

2) Cocos nucifera (Cocos nucifera)

3) Yucca

4) Banyan tree

5) Cactus

9- How to organize homework properly?

Homework White Desk Floor White Wall Transparent Acrylic Chair

In the final analysis, there is a very important aspect that cannot be ignored when organizing an effective homework space: make sure you have enough space for activities (it is recommended to stand up from a chair and walk a few steps around the room) at least once an hour to avoid back pain).

10- Work Home Office Bookshelf Painted Navy Blue White Chairs

This Navy Blue Bookshelf gives the elegant and amaing look