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20 Practical and Eye-catching Floor Mats for Contemporary Interiors

The floor mat is a really great trick that is inviting in contemporary interior design. Practical and decorative floor mats are perfect substitutes for bulky sofas, armchairs and stools. In addition, in the living room, living room, bedroom, etc., the covers decorated with ethnic, Mexican motifs, sequins and embroidery are very eye-catching and have extraordinary accents. On the other hand, outdoor floor mats can provide comfortable seating space in terraces and gardens. Check out our photo studio to find the perfect floor mat for you and your interior! Don’t throw away old clothes and turn them into exquisite mats. They look more beautiful and exquisite than the ones sold outside.

Floor mat-shadow-blue-gray-geometric pattern

1- Earth-colored floor mats can create a harmonious atmosphere in a modern living room

Floor mat-tricot-colors-sofa-leather-brown

If you want to personalize your modern living room and make its atmosphere more pleasant and warm, we strongly recommend that you add some earth-colored floor mats. The colors associated with nature are: brown, green, gray (and their shades). The floor pillow shown in the picture above has a soft knitted cover, which matches perfectly with the brown leather sofa and light gray carpet. Colors and shades are very pleasant and elegant mix.

2- Brightly colored floor mats make the atmosphere fresher

Floor Mat-Cyclamen Flame Pattern Grey Cyclamen Rug

If you have a romantic soul, then you will undoubtedly appreciate the romance and warmth exuded by the above atmosphere. Both the grey and cyclamen floor cushions are decorated with flame patterns, which are in harmony with the flames burning in the wood-burning stove. Grey and cyclamen carpets are also decorated with “flames” and provide maximum comfort for everyone, which is attracted by the charm of fire. Floor mats and carpets provide the perfect atmosphere for romantic and unforgettable romantic evenings.

3- Colorful ethnic patterns on floor mats and carpets

Floor cushion carpet ethnic pattern chaise longue leather modern

The pleasant and warm atmosphere of the living room in the picture above is due to the excellent choice of furniture and accessories. Brown solid wood bookcases, modern brown leather and metal lounge chairs provide the natural feel required by white walls. Ethnic style carpets and floor mats have soft colors (orange, burgundy, white, pink), which can break the cold white and make the living room more warm and warm.

4- Embroidered floor mat with ethnic chic

Floor Mat-Cobalt Blue-Ethnic Style

If you are passionate about exotic decorations, please buy some embroidered floor mats for yourself. Whether it’s cobalt blue, red, cyclamen or purple, floor mats can provide super comfortable seating space and impeccable beauty. Some Moroccan lanterns and glass and metal candle holders will add the finishing touch to you and bring the exotic into your home.

5- Multicolored stripes floor cushion-fresh interior

Floor mats-stripes-multicolor-basket-storage-stripes

Are you looking for cool and colorful accessories? Think of floor mats with colorful patterns! Their impeccable functionality and aesthetics will change your life and help you save space in your home. Floor mats are distributed on parquet floors or on carpets with similar patterns. They are both furniture and accessories with both comfort and beauty.

6- Living room with Mexican charm, decorated with patterned rugs and several floor cushions

Floor Mat-Mexican Multicolored Suspended-Origami

The Mexican style makes the interior warm and eye-catching. Obtain multiple mats with different patterns and combine them with large carpets with similar patterns. Some hanging potted ferns and green houseplants will refresh your mood and make the Mexican living room more eye-catching.

7- Checkered floor mats and artificial fur rugs

Floor Mat-Cappuccino Color Tile Red Carpet Faux Fur

For romantic souls, we offer many discounts. We recommend that you bet on the decoration shown in the picture above. Checkered floor mats, light gray artificial fur carpets and light gray candlesticks form a romantic, Nordic and modern ensemble. By the fireplace, ideal for a romantic evening.

8- Find the ideal reading corner-bet on the floor mat

Floor mat-scar dark blue pattern embroidery

If you are looking for the original idea of ​​arranging a comfortable reading corner, check out the idea above. Floor mats are 2-in-1 furniture and accessories, very suitable for bringing comfort and warmth to the reading corner of the home. Knitted carpets and blankets will turn this place into your favorite corner. A tea cup and a good book will make you spend an unforgettable time.

9- Romantic corner in front of the fireplace-woven floor mats provide maximum comfort

Floor Mat-Carpet Covering-Woven Fireplace-Romantic Style

If you like romantic evenings in front of the fireplace, then you will appreciate the above ideas. Place two knitted floor mats in front of the fireplace and spend some time reveling in the flames of dancing in the fireplace. The garland placed on the mantel cover is decorated with a light garland, making the atmosphere more romantic and warm.

10- IKEA floor mat

Floor Mats-Striped Carpets-Artificial Fur-IKEA

IKEA is a source of inspiration for anyone who likes stylish decorating techniques. This technique is shown in the photo above. Cushions, blankets and artificial fur rugs are accessories that turn interior decorations into romantic and pleasant corners. Dare to challenge and invite shabby chic charm to your home.

11- Patchwork square floor mat

Floor Mat-IKEA Square Patchwork Cushion

Small spaces require clever planning. That’s why we provide you with grand ideas that save space. Use floor mats instead of stools and chairs. These comfortable and beautiful floor mats will change your perception of convenience and style.

12- Cushion and mattress cover-perfect coffee corner

Floor Mats-Grey Exquisite Patterns-Covering Floral Patterns-IKEA

Whether it is a coffee corner or a reading corner, this corner must be comfortable and pleasant. This is why it needs some accessories and cleverly selected furniture, such as cushions, floor mattress covers, coffee tables, etc. Floor mats and sleeping mats make up an excellent and ultra-comfortable kit that you can use as a relaxation, reading or coffee corner.

13- Home textiles with retro charm

Floor mat neutral color curtain black pattern retro IKEA

Several sets of taupe cushions and curtains with floral and insect motifs form a set of old-fashioned textiles, inviting you into a rustic-style restaurant. Combine them with dark brown wooden furniture and some indoor plants to create a beautiful contrast.

14- Stripes bring happiness-floor mats and striped rugs in the living room

Floor Mat-Striped Orange-Red-Striped Carpet-Sofa-Light Gray

If you want to refresh the living room without changing the furniture, then textiles will help you accomplish this task. Get floor cushions and colorful striped rugs, floral cushions on the sofa, and cool pop art paintings. Here-both relaxing and outstanding!

15- Living room with Greek decor-don’t forget the floor cushions

Floor Mat-Lilac, Pink, Greek Decoration

The Greek interior is elegant and romantic. The cold feeling of white can be softened by a touch of softness. Spread some floor mats in soft colors (such as purple and lavender) and spend some time reveling in the romantic atmosphere.

16- White and purple cushions are distributed on the floor and benches

Floor Mat-White Purple Interior White Decoration Greek Grey

The white interior is not necessarily a sterile interior. To refresh your mood, you need some accents. Integrate them with the cushion! This great idea will bring gentle, romantic and elegant colors to your interior decoration.

17- Embroidered pattern floor mats-introduce bohemian style into your home!

The floor mats are covered with embroidered red and white boho style

The bohemian style of the interior is very popular. The reason for this is that this style brings warmth and comfort with soft colors and authentic accessories. In the photo above, you will see a white floor mat with a red embroidered pattern. Red sisal rugs, knitted white blankets and deep red cushions give a finishing touch.

18- Romantic atmosphere in front of the stone fireplace

Floor cushions, large beige, upholstered carpet, furry fireplace, natural stone

There are two floor cushions on the fluffy carpet, enough to bring a romantic and cozy atmosphere in front of the stone fireplace.

19- Floor mats, bold colors

Floor Mat-Cyclamen Color Orange Carpet Cyclamen Pattern

Bet on the floor mats with bold colors. Shades of red, orange and pink will bring a touch of color to any room and make the mood cool and warm. Combined with magenta or cyclamen carpets, or purple curtains with cyclamen patterns, floor mats will quickly make the interior modern and personal.

20- Mexican style reappears in the living room

Floor Mat-Square-Floral Pattern-Chevron Carpet

This set of cushions, rugs and blankets recreates the Mexican style of this modern living room. The choice of colors and patterns makes the atmosphere pleasant and warm. The antique rocking chair combines the charm of the past, while the gray sofa symbolizes the modern era.