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20 Unique Facing Bricks Wall Decor Ideas for You

Have you ever considered using brick walls in your living room? If your answer to this question is “yes”, please enter a photo studio with a brick theme as the theme, and let us inspire you to decorate your living room!

1- Veneer Brick 

Wooden coffee table and veneer brick white wall paint.

2- Living room facing brick with upholstered straight sofa

Brick Wall Living Room Stone Sofa Right Upholstered Cushion Cover

And, if you want, you can even combine bricks with stone, as shown in the suggestions above! In fact, when interior designers carry out industrial-style interior design, they usually use veneer tiles as decoration or simply as wall decoration. Also, in terms of maintenance-you don’t have to worry about it, so please don’t hesitate to try this experience in the living room.

3- Living room facing brick with blue right sofa

Facing the brick living room carpet sofa right blue armchair black

Yes, if you can’t afford such an option, you can consider merging a trompe l’oeil wallpaper with a brick look. What do you think of this solution?

4- Brick wall in the living room with grey sofa and white coffee table

Facing the brick, living room, carpet, coffee table, round sofa, right

Finally, don’t forget to add exquisite wall decorations, such as paintings, which will complement the living room decoration in a very good way. Please enjoy the suggestions below and let us know what you think!

5- Facing bricks and wall panels as decoration

Bricks in living room and carpet rug with corner transparent table.

6- White Ottoman Living Room Facing Brick Straight Sofa

Brick wall and clock on the wall of the living room, white stool and gray upright sofa.

7- The living room has a wooden coffee table and an upright sofa with red cushions

Laminated parquet sofa facing brick living room and  rectangular coffee table must be upholstered.

8- Brick wall, decorated with table and grey sofa

Brick living room sofa right upholstered coffee table wood.

9- Facing brick living dining area with wooden furniture white sofa

The living room and the kitchen are in the same location and decorated with bricks.

10- Living Room

Living room, facing brick, multicolored carpet, gray, upholstered sofa.

11- White Paint

Facing brick living room and coffee table white paint.

12- Wooden Flower Top

Facing bricks in living room with coffee table and wooden flower top.

13- Stool 

Facing brick in living room with wood coffee table stool and stool wall table.

14- Midnight Sofa

Brick living room beam and midnight sofa.

15- Lamp

Brick resident living room and armchair lamp laying fireplace.

16- Dinette and Chairs


Dinette and chairs facing brick living and dining area.

17- Fireplace

Brick living room fireplace coffee table sofa.

18- Vintage Look

Brick living room vintage chair frame wood storage.

19- Purple Sofa

Living room facing brick and purple sofa.

20- Cushion Stool Bar

Brick living room sofa and cushion stool bar.