Kids Room Design

16 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas for Children’s Room Decor

If you want to personalize or refresh the nursery, you may find inspiration in the article below. We provide you with 16 original ideas for decorating wallpaper to inspire children’s rooms. Of course, after considering your own preferences, the following colors and patterns will help you create a very harmonious place.

1- Blue Red White

Wallpaper children’s room blue red white.

2- Which color of decorative wallpaper to choose?

Pastel kid’s bedroom wallpaper butterfly

Some colors have a calming effect, while others can stimulate creativity and improve concentration. Either way, bright colors are more suitable for decoration and accessories in the bedroom than the main colors. Children’s preferences change rapidly. Therefore, it is best to choose a neutral color with a light color as the main color. However, favorite bright colors may rarely appear on accessories, textiles or furniture handles.

3- Decorative wallpaper in pastel colors

Decorative wallpaper nursery retro

The soft, light tones have a positive effect on children. The pale shades of yellow and orange evoke a good sense of humor and pleasure. Yellow decorative wallpaper with golden or beige accents, for example, nurseries or children look brighter and warmer. Beige and light brown combine well with the very natural green. Please note that too much red or pink may make children restless and sometimes even aggressive.

4- The creativity of the nursery

Vintage Bird Nursery Decoration Wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for bedroom decoration, purple and blue encourage creativity and increase children’s attention. Choose soft shades so that the eyes are not tired and give a pleasant feeling. By using various colors or patterns, you can visually separate different areas of the nursery.

5- Stripes, dots or floral wallpaper?

Decorative wallpaper children’s room with colorful dots

Dark colors look more luxurious and sometimes make the bedroom appear smaller, but combined with large patterns, they quickly become eye-catching objects in the bedroom. Horizontal stripes are suitable for large rooms with sufficiently high ceilings, while vertical stripes are more suitable for smaller spaces to enlarge them visually. The polka dot pattern is very interesting and matches perfectly with the retro-style bedroom.

6- Wallpaper with purple dragon and pillow cushion various

Dragon and Knight, decorative wallpaper with matching lampshades and cushions.

7- Floral pattern and neutral beige background

Neutral floral wallpaper in children’s room.

8- Successful London-themed children’s room

Decoration london wallpaper children’s room.

9- Wall stickers are an affordable option

Decorate children’s room with animals wall stickers.

10- Super nice daisies on sky blue background

Daisy wallpaper decorating children’s room.

11- Soft pale coral and white, suitable for a little girl’s room

Bedroom decoration for girls and wall with white coral paste.

12- Girl’s bedroom with baroque decorative wallpaper

Wallpaper black floral pattern and white baroque.

13- Green and White Strips

Wallpaper children’s room with horizontal stripes green.

14- Gray Stripes

Wallpaper children’s room vertical stripes gray.

15- Pink Blue

Decorative wallpaper children’s room with pink blue.

16- Purple and White

Vertical stripes purple and white children’s room.