10 Original and Young Ideas for Decorating With Bricks

The brick decoration lends coziness and beauty to any environment. Did you know that in addition to exposed bricks, it is possible to decorate with fake ones? These bring a natural effect, and at the same time, reduce the cost of a decoration. To implement an original decoration with bricks it is not necessary to have a lot of experience in decorative projects, just choose the technique that best fits the style of the environment you want to create. Let’s try?

EVA bricks

Looking for a simple, fast and affordable way to include bricks in your home decor? Try creating a decorative project with EVA bricks! It is an original idea for those who want to renovate a space, especially if it is rented. Just cut several small EVA bricks (14cm X 6cm) and glue them to the wall. Then paint the wall in shades of copper, white, rusty orange, brown, or a color that matches the rest of the decor. Easy, isn’t it?

Brick Wallpaper

Do you want to have a wall decorated with bricks right away? Use brick-patterned wallpaper! The application is quick and straightforward, especially if you choose a self-adhesive wallpaper.

Vinyl adhesives

Washable, self-adhesive, and environmentally friendly. Vinyl adhesives are perfect for transforming an uninteresting wall into an extremely stylish and sustainable wall. If you want to apply vinyl adhesives in addition to walls, try breathing new life into worn-out furniture. Extremely practical, eco and exclusive decoration!

False demolition brick

The fake demolition brick offers a beautiful effect with rustic characteristics to the environment. It’s not easy, but the work pays off, especially for the touch of charm that the house receives. You can apply the fake demolition brick on an entire wall or at strategic points such as the fireplace, headboard or part of the wall. Regardless of the choice, the result will be bold and original!

Brick Decorative Gel

The decorative gel is a mass that brings a brick texture to be applied to the walls. Painting requires some techniques, but it’s not difficult! Prepare the wall and apply the decorative gel. Then, paint with a paint that best matches the rest of the decor and that’s it, you can enjoy a new welcoming environment.

Tiles with brick print

The finishing of the tiles with or without prints perfectly reproduces the appearance of bricks. This effect gives the decor a sophisticated and elegant style, whether outdoors or indoors.

Bricks made with sponge

Having an original decoration with bricks can be easier than you think. Try creating bricks using a sponge that creates a brick-like texture on the wall. The technique is simple, just cut a sponge to the size of a brick (14cm X 6cm), dip it in the paint and stamp it on the wall. The paint can be in a shade of deep red, dark brown or brown, black, gray… This technique is perfect for a vintage decor or in the style of a Provençal country house.

Glass bricks

In addition to being modern and beautiful, the installation of glass bricks helps in the luminosity of the space and the best part: they are easy to clean and do not need maintenance. Glass bricks are very versatile, as they come in different sizes and thicknesses, with a smooth or wavy face, with translucent or transparent finishes… so it’s very easy to include them in the decoration!

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