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17 Great Bar Chairs Ideas for Modern Kitchens

The bar chair is made according to its own form, style and materials, which can completely change its appearance, because in addition to the most important furniture in the kitchen with a bar. Whether you like old-fashioned stools or ultra-modern designer high chairs, we invite you to browse our photo gallery below to find inspiration to inspire your own unique kitchen!

1- Chair-Bar-Wood Design-Modern Black Various Suspension

2- Original design wood and metal bar chair with low backrest

Bar Chair Wood Metal Industrial Chic Island Marble White

This is how the high stool looks retro and modern at the same time! Bet on bar chairs made of organic materials (such as logs) and incorporate them into modern-designed kitchens for ultra-stylish decorations!

3- Simple white kitchen black bar chair

Black bar chair minimalist design-white kitchen-ultra modern

An alternative method is to use the same design as other furniture to decorate the stool, but choose a color that does not match. This makes the bar chair stand out, especially when its design is unusual or even extravagant.

4- Original design high stool in the shape of a cork!

Chair bar original design cork modern kitchen

This proposal will undoubtedly attract wine lovers, but also anyone interested in creative design. In this way, the simple but stylish design can easily steal the display from the rest of the kitchen decoration.

5- Transparent acrylic bar chair, it is difficult to stand out in a super stylish kitchen

Chair-Bar-Acrylic-Transparent-Original Design-Elegant Kitchen

In a small kitchen, every square inch is precious. To organize it visually, choose a transparent acrylic bar chair. Let’s not worry-they are not just ultra-modern styles, as you can clearly see in the photo above.

6- Golden metal stool on a sober and chic background

Yellow Metal Bar Chair-Accent Bar-Solid Wood Kitchen

If you dare to try this idea, then choosing saturated or brightly colored bar chairs is one of the best ways to make them stand out against a neutral background. Those metallic colors painted with canary yellow are fascinating!

7- Industrial bar chairs in a super charming country kitchen

Industrial Bar Chair-Metal Legs-Wood-Seats-Country-Kitchen

Industrial-style bar stools are very popular nowadays. Add them to a rustic, bungalow or classic-style kitchen to get a modern interior decoration with eclectic colors.

8- Comfortable high stool with wooden legs and light grey upholstery fabric

Gray Bar Chair Fabric-Interior Decoration-Wooden Legs-Kitchen White-Chic

The upholstered bar chair is super comfortable and stylish at the same time. Here, they combine very chic white furniture, American stainless steel refrigerators and industrial metal suspensions.

9- Wooden bar chair with avant-garde design back

Bar chair unique design, avant-garde geometric shapes of wood

Who said that wood is only suitable for country-style interior decoration? Here are 4 traditional wooden bar chairs! Indirect LED strip lighting contributes to modern design and complements decoration.

10- Designer kitchen stool with 4 metal feet and hollow back

Modern design bar chair back metal base

Bar chairs with backrests are more comfortable, but they tend to take up limited space. solution? Choose an open-back or low-back model with thin metal legs to keep the decoration light and “airy.”

11- Bar chair with white shell and metal base

Bar chair white shell low back metal base

The bar chair with white plastic shell is very stylish! Here, they are fused with the oversized lampshade of the designer pendant lamp, forming a sharp contrast with the dark mahogany furniture.

12- High stool with leather backrest and seat, with ultra-stylish pearl suspension

Ebony Wood Bar Stool Black Leather Seat Mahogany Kitchen Cabinet

You may have noticed that lighting is the second most important element in the design of a kitchen with bars. If the bar chair is not stable, please choose eye-catching chandelier to decorate!

13- Old high chairs in a charming kitchen in Provence

Chair bar counter old kitchen charming Provence style

In recent years, people have more or less recalled the romantic era of the past. For example, the seat of this old high chair is coordinated with solid wood furniture, while its legs and backrest are integrated with the chic paintings of the central island.

14- Black backless kitchen stools and white central island

Four-legged bar chair, without backrest, black, central island, white, kitchen

Needless to say, the main asset of a bar chair with 4 “compass” legs-compared to a rotating model with a central leg, they are very stable, and regardless of their style, they add a certain aristocratic touch to the design of the kitchen!

15- Industrial-style bar stools

Industrial style bar chair metal leg wood seat chic kitchen stand out in a stylish Provence kitchen.

16- Swivel bar chair, fabric white backrest

Swivel and upholstered bar chair, white fabric upholstered, with backrest and footrest.

17- Bar Chair Faux Leather White Pearl Gray Petrol Blue Aluminum

Aluminum and faux leather sled bar chair, petrol blue, white or gray.