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11 Original and Eye-catching Stair Railing Ideas

Who says indoor stair railings are purely functional installations? We are happy to introduce 11 examples of original stair railings that form the focal point of the decoration. These designer railings show unparalleled creativity and fully demonstrate their decorative potential in modern homes.

1- Design metal perforated green stair railing

A piece of metal is laser cut and painted olive green into a beautiful floral pattern. In this way, a safe stair railing can be ensured, and artistic installations can be appreciated when going up and down the stairs. The charming railings are part of Witt Instanbul Suites, designed by Autoban.

2- Railing staircase design openwork partition

The following proposal adopts the aesthetic form of carmine hollow partitions with geometric patterns. The original stair railing extends between the two flights of the half-turn indoor staircase of a modern house in Sydney, Australia. The project was carried out by Carter Williamson Architects, and the photo was by Brett Boardman.

3- Railing staircase design metal painted white

Then we have a very similar idea, but the implementation is very different. The stair railing is made of powder-coated metal and is part of a modern house built by FARM Studio in Singapore.

4- Railing staircase sculpture design Corian white

The experienced professionals of MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY and the architect Ammar Eloueini are the inspirational creators of this sculptural stair railing. The guardrail is made of Corian, strong, durable, and can withstand many years of use. Photos of Christian Richters.

5- Alternate text

Monoloko Design is the home of the architects behind the design and realization of this artistic railing. The steel bars are arranged in a seemingly random way to protect the residents, and both are the focal points of the interior of the house.

The designer’s stair railing, playing with ease

6- Railing Stairs Exceptional Design Floral Pattern

The following stair railing belongs to a modern house built by Dorrington Architects in Auckland, New Zealand. Due to the effect of light, the partition casts an exquisite pattern on the opposite wall. Image credit: Emma Jane Hetherington.

7- Straight design of railing stairs with eye-catching holes

This is a space-saving straight ladder, and its futuristic cage seems to hang directly from the ceiling. What’s more interesting is that its white hollow railing is reminiscent of the structure of cheese with holes. The house design in Budapest, Hungary was designed by Biljana Jovanovic, and the photo was designed by Gerardo Altemir.

8- Extraordinary aesthetics of railing staircase design

This modern house built by Finne Architects in Washington State really looks outstanding. A strange fact is that the design of the steps and stair railings mimics the bark and needles of the trees surrounding the house. Image courtesy of Benjamin Benschneider.

9- Railing Stair Design Metal Column Black

The large black metal column can protect the middle staircase and the upper flight of this special staircase. They look natural and industrial, while adding a modern feel to the entire house. It is located in Russia and its design was imagined by Alexandra Fedorova.

10- Design original lace stair railing

According to Maxwan’s designer, the super-grade stair railing above was inspired by the waves. The hollow railing is laser cut, reminiscent of airy white lace. This exquisite house is in the Netherlands; photo by Filip Dujardin.

11- Original ultra-modern design of railing stairs

Finally, we have a geometric stair railing that perfectly repeats the structure of the garden fence around the house. It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is the work of Pitsou Kedem.