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26 Charming and Simple Decor Ideas for You

You already got sick of the “face” of your little house, but you would only have money to invest in decoration if they accepted the VR as payment, right? The Incredible website gathered 26 great decor suggestions for your home. These are cheap changes with simple details made by yourself, which will make a difference in the environment! Look that:

1- Decorate your kitchen with the world map

No more expensive tiles! Decorate your kitchen with maps and travel the world whenever you wash up.

2- Get serious about your lampshade

Cover the base of the lamp with unusual objects such as rope, tree branches and whatever else your creativity allows.

3- Renew your door with colors

To give the house a makeover without changing anything drastically, just paint the sides of the doors. It is also good for those who live in a rented house. Charming, right?

4- Hang the curtain with ribbons

A ribbon can add more color to your curtain and much more charm than conventional rings.

5- Paint your little vases

Having plants at home is great, both to use as a condiment in the preparation of foods and lotions, and to give more life to the environment. Cooler than that is painting your own vases, giving them more personality.

6- Decorate your hangers

You can even open your wardrobe several times and think you don’t have any and need to buy new items, but with these hangers, colorful will not be lacking!

7- Transform your walls

Applying a wallpaper to any room in the house can transform your view of it. Think even washing clothes can be more enjoyable!

8- Invest in decorative panels

Some decorative panels made from reusable materials, such as corks, old bank cards, business cards, stamps, etc., can bring an empty wall to life.

9- Add support for magazines, newspapers and books

Like to read? Keep books, magazines and newspapers close at hand with a stand that can be added to the corner of a closet, on a shelf or even in the bathroom.

10- In order not to have a mistake when hanging the paintings, use masking tape

Make a “sketch” of the future artistic composition with the help of masking tape and brown paper (or any paper) before hanging the pictures on the wall.

11- Refinish your curtains

Your curtain can be even prettier with a pom-pom border or with creative stitching, all it takes is creativity and a dose of patience.

12- Place an additional shelf for condiments

The lack of space in your kitchen has its days numbered with this invention. So you save space and offer a place your spices deserve!

13- Mount a corner shelf

To make the best use of the little space in your kitchen, the tip is to put a shelf in the corner. Nothing big can fit in this space and shelves will be great requests.

14- Make closet doors useful

Hang some little pots

The inside of the cabinets is forgotten, but it can very well help you to save space to store a lot of objects.

15- Decorate with fabric

Using fabric and glue made from cornstarch is best for decorating your home’s doors. This type of material is easier to take off for when you get bored of drawing.

16- Create a comfortable mat with corks

A good way to use corks is to make a mat that is great to walk on.

17- Display your photos

The best things in life are not things

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to exhibit your work, you are the boss at home. So, how about decorating your space with some photos of special moments?

18- Hang, hang and hang!

When there is no space on the floor or on other surfaces, the tip is to hang it on the wall! For this, a dish drainer can be turned into a shelf.

19- Pattern the pictures on the wall

It is not enough to organize the pictures on the wall, it is necessary to combine the patterns.

20- Complete a narrow corner with a bookcase

Small corners usually don’t hold anything, but can be used with a simple but stylish bookcase.

21- Fix the rug!

Arranging the rug in the correct way or buying a bigger one, as in the picture, gives more life to the environments besides causing the feeling that there is more space.

22- Make your own watch

Making your own wall clock is easier than you might think.

23- Paint the entrance mat

Use bright, bright colors to transform a dull rug into a super creative object.

24- Sliding shelf next to the refrigerator

Classy Clutter, refrigerator singles door

Take advantage of the space between the refrigerator and the wall by creating a sliding door to accommodate condiments and other non-perishable foods. It will be easier to cook.

25- Scribble your light bulbs

With patience and a permanent pen you get incredible results. We recommend the use of a cold lamp, the fluorescent ones, so as not to melt the ink in your pen, and also give more emphasis to the drawing with the white background.

26- Your bookcase can be turned into a bar

Your bookcase can become your favorite piece of furniture, just make a space between the books for your bottles and glasses. Nothing short of fine!