Bedroom Design

14 Bedroom Lamp Ideas and Inspiration You Need to Know

Having a house like the ones in the decoration magazines and websites is a dream of many people. Except for those trained in the area, few people know how to ideally choose the furniture and decoration accessories and choose the perfect lamp for the bedroom.

In addition to the look, you must also take into account the functional aspect when decorating. The proper lighting, for example, makes all the difference. As comfortable as the rooms, they ask for a special touch when choosing the light to add harmony and comfort to the environment and ensure visual comfort for the resident.

That’s why placing the ideal lamp for the bedroom will make all the difference in your project. However, with so many options — in addition to the possibilities of combinations with different lights — knowing which is the ideal piece for the bedroom can become a very complex task.

Thinking to make your choice more accessible, we list below some fundamental points to choose the lamp correctly. Check out!

1- Difference between lamp and lamp

As much as some people use the two terms interchangeably, there are significant differences between lampshades and lamps. Knowing the varieties will make it easier to know precisely what you are looking for when researching the models.

We call any artifact used for lighting a lamp. This is an inclusive term as there are many different types. Meet some of them:

2- Chandelier

It has several arms joined by a central structure attached to the roof. It is barely functional when it comes to lighting the environment. However, it can be the centerpiece of a decoration.

3- Pendant

This type of luminaire does not have arms being attached to the ceiling by wires or chains. It is used with or without a dome — it is responsible for focused or diffused lighting. It can be used in the central lighting of the room or as an indirect light point, serving, consequently, the most diverse functions.

4- Wall Light

Light spot installed on top of walls. Ideal for soft decorative lighting and also to be used over mirrors in bathrooms.

5- Bedside lamp

We already know that the lamp is a type of lamp, right?! It is used to create a weak point of light from below.

6- Environment Style

In addition to being used for lighting, the lampshade also fulfills a decorative function. Choosing the perfect lampshade is not that simple, as you should select the model that best suits your environment. See some styles:

7- Classic

Traditional models are always in vogue. They are ideal for those who want to bring elegance, refinement, and magnificence to the environment. In addition, classic lampshades offer a more straightforward composition with existing decorative elements.

8- Minimalist Style

The minimalist style prioritizes the simplicity of space without excesses. They are recommended for those who want to convey ​​functionality, practicality, fluidity, and sobriety to the venue. They give a clean look to the room.

9- Vintage

The vintage decor is focused on retro-style pieces. It makes the room romantic and cozy. Lamps in this style lend an intimate and distinctive feel to the room.

10- Modern

The modern pieces seek to follow the most current fashion trends, thus having several possible models. Therefore, they can meet the most distinct tastes and adapt to different styles of decoration. According to your customer’s preference, the piece can add additional attributes to the environment.

11- Purpose of the piece

To know how to choose the perfect lamp for a room, it is essential to define what it will be used for — after all, in addition to being ornamental pieces, they are also intended to illuminate.

If your client reads in bed and needs a lamp, articulated pieces and an opaque dome are ideal. With them, he will have focused lighting, direct the light to the book without disturbing whoever is in the room.

If the goal is to provide a point of light for the space, to break the darkness when the leading light is off, you can opt for translucent dome models. They will let the light diffuse diffusely into the entire room, providing softer lighting.

12- Lamp height in the bedroom

Observing the size of the piece is essential to create a comfortable, intimate and beautiful environment.

Tall lamps should be used in larger spaces to help diffuse light better. However, those too tall can bother the person in bed, as the focus can reach the eyes. Therefore, these are often not the most recommended models for bedrooms, especially when they are shared.

The smaller ones bring grace to the small room, making it more charming and proportionate. They must compose the decoration giving soft support to the main lighting.

13- Room Size

The Size of the room directly influences the choice of the ideal lamp. A larger space allows the use of oversized lights, which enhance the grandeur and elegance of the decor. The smaller rooms, in turn, require cleaner pieces with a more straightforward design to optimize the space with good taste, comfort, and practicality.

14- Light Color

The color of light is capable of offering the most diverse sensations and effects to the environment. For rooms, in general, the aim is to create an atmosphere of comfort and serenity so that the body is prepared for rest at the end of the day.

So, the idea is to use a warm yellow lamp for the central lighting of the room, as it will help to bring a cozy feeling. In the lampshade, the choice of color will be based on its purpose in the environment.

If we are talking about reading light, cold white lamps are recommended, as they ensure greater visual comfort while the person reads. On the other hand, if the idea is to have a light point in the room to avoid darkness, opt for light bulbs in warm colors like yellow ones.

All the details count when decorating, and it would be no different when choosing the lamp to include in the bedroom design. After forming the ideal piece, you will see how gratifying it is to imprint your client’s personality and beauty to the environment.