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The Virgin Vase: 19 Basic Elements of Modern Design

Nowadays, the treasures of the past are becoming more and more popular in decoration. As an important representative of a distant era, Demi John is an object that has been transferred, reused, and decorated with modern interior decoration. Demi John vases can often be found in flea markets. Although a little dusty, they always have great outlines. They are especially popular in contemporary designs. The origin of Demi John is purely functional, and it has changed its skin to keep pace with the times. Deavita.fr can display the famous basic glass vases at home!

The Virgin Vase: The Basic Elements of Modern Design

1- Demi Vase: What?

Decorative salon vase dame Jeanne blue glass coffee table log.

Demi John (also known as carboy or carboy) represents the large glass bottles used to store wine at that time. It has a capacity of 20 to 50 liters, but the new models we are currently seeing are booming, ranging in size from miniature to giant. Demi John is sometimes protected by woven straw or wicker.

With the revival of the retro trend, the Demi John vase has become an indispensable decorative object, and its original shape and subtle transparent colors are delightful. The new model is decorated with more vivid colors (blue, green, and pink) and has a more slender shape. It is not uncommon to see a small bottle next to a giant flower head.

2- Demijohn decoration: Explore the possibilities!

Jenny vase blue glass decoration console living room.

What can the Demi vase be used for? The possibilities for exploration are endless. For example, it can be used as a vase, mood lamp, window sill decoration, etc. In the miniature or XXL version, the Demi John vase can be adjusted according to needs and mood, practically anywhere in the room. Don’t you know how to use it at home? This is our best decoration idea!

3- Demi John vase with dried flowers

Accumulation Vase Notre Dame Jenny Stained Glass Flower Arrangement White Coffee Table.

Enjoy the unique aesthetics of Demi’s vase! Combine several dudes to create original and very decorative compositions. Keep them as they are, or add dried flowers to them to create a romantic and melancholic decoration that evokes people’s past.

4- Minimalist Demi John decoration

Stack of Jenny vases on green glass restaurant bench.

Do you own a collection of antique demi bottles? Now is the best time to show them off! Collect some things to make the most of them and add character to your interior decoration! By adopting this idea, you will create a particularly original minimalist decoration. For a more consistent rendering, please coordinate the colors. On the other hand, if you like multi-colored ornaments, please do not hesitate to combine vases of different colors.

5- Demijohn mixed with other styles of vases

Vintage decoration restaurant lady Jenny vase green glass grunge wall.

Don’t hesitate to mix styles to create original and unusual decorations. Mix handmade vases, simple vases, and Demi Johns. Such a suit is perfect for decorating the foyer of your home or decorating the console in the living room. In terms of color, please choose a hue in harmony with the paint to achieve balance.

6- Demi John vase with eucalyptus branches

Jeanne d’Arc eucalyptus branches vintage table decoration ideas.

In recent years, eucalyptus branches have become one of the most popular decorations. Therefore, it is not surprising that they were chosen to highlight Daisy’s vases. By combining the components of the eucalyptus tree and the demijohn in the transparent glass, we provide ourselves with subtle decorations that are perfect for fusion with Scandinavian or minimalist decorations.

7- Demi John on the ground

Dam Jane and the branch of natural decoration.

The modern old Demi John vase is the perfect decoration on the floor. Remember: Less is more! This decorative example is definitive proof. Take a large-format bottle and place it in the hallway or living room to add an unparalleled decorative style.

8- Demi John vase in the bedroom

Vintage decorative pampas grass decorative glass bottle.

Demi vases are not only installed in the entrance, living room, and dining room. It is also used as bedroom decoration. Beside the bed, on the bedside table, or the floor, it will have an effect. You can keep it as it is or decorate it with flowering branches. Another good idea is to integrate a small battery-powered light garland while sleeping to create a good atmosphere.

9- Demijohn core style

Shabby chic vase dame jenny olive branch in a salon.

Alone or cumulatively, Demi John is a beautiful core concept. Whether there are flowers or not, this vase will put brightly colored and romantic notes on the table. You only need to choose a model that fits the size of the table itself.

10- Flower Bed

The famous flower bed is ideal for covering a few sprigs of cotton. Diane Jenny Blue Glass Branch Cotton Flower Kitchen Island Decoration.

11- Old-fashioned vases

By combining several old-fashioned vases at once, we have provided exquisite decorations for the mantelpiece. Decorative mantel vase dame Jeanne artificial flowering branch

12- On Dining Table

A great idea to highlight the dining table. Dame Jeanne dried flowers to decorate the dining table.

13- Decorative Terrace Vase

The accumulation of several chaps produces a very pleasing decorative effect. Decorative terrace vase dame Jeanne different sizes of eucalyptus branches olive tree flowering branches. 

14- Under the Stairs

Great idea to expand the space under the stairs. A large vase of Notre Dame Jenny glass decoration branch idea to decorate the room under the stairs.

15- Corners

The Demi John vase is the perfect decoration to light up neglected corners. Lady Jane vase blue glass bouquet decoration blossom branch.

16- Modern Retro Environment

The decoration is perfectly integrated into the modern retro environment. Joan of Arc Vase Blue Glass White Dresser Retro Modern.

17- Blue Glass Vases

Pussy willow branches will last a long time in these two faceted blue glass vases. Dani Jeanne faceted blue glass decorated pussy willow branches.

18- On the Floor

Jenny is on the floor. Lady Jeanne Vase Decoration Glass Sisal Artificial Leaf.

19- Wedding Decor

Beautiful wedding decoration, romantic and trendy. Jenny Notre Dame vase with flower branch.