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10 Commandments of Rental Home Decor

Living in a rented house can be synonymous with a dull place, empty walls, and no paintings or personalization. This is because many of the rental contracts do not allow any modification to the property. So how to decorate a rented house without breaking the property rules?

We’ve separated some decorating tips for rented houses with essential advice to give it personality and style, without spending a fortune or investing in something that can’t be taken in the next move, and without exceeding the limits imposed by real estate companies or property owners.

1- Invest in the details

You don’t need to keep old faucets, old outlets, grimy switches, peeling doorknobs, and old-fashioned knobs. Invest in new parts and replace them with the old ones, but remember to save the old details and reinstall everything when you need to deliver the house.

2- Renovated tiles

Rental property tiles can be ugly or old, and if the owner does not allow you to paint the tiles with special paint, another solution is to use tile adhesive to save your bathroom or kitchen’s dated look. They are practical, easy to install, and have many colors and prints, which will renew the face of the environment practically.

3- Loose furniture

Don’t install custom or custom furniture. They may not fit your future home, so if you want furniture that fits perfectly in the room, take the space measurements and buy a piece of furniture with approximate measurements for the location. There are many options for ready-made furniture that are beautiful. Another option is to ask the carpenter for a piece of furniture that is not fixed and that can be adapted to another space in the next move. Respect standard measurements such as a minimum ceiling height of 2.40m. These measures are suitable for most houses and apartments, and you will undoubtedly be able to use the furniture in your future home.

4- Lights and action

Don’t think twice about replacing your home lighting with new parts. However, you must remember to save the old details from reinstalling when returning the property, as the purchased parts must be taken in the next move.

Lighting is an essential item in interior decoration. Using the right light and light points scattered around the room, you can achieve unique effects and make the environment more dynamic or welcoming without needing a lighting project. Assess the need for each space and the electrical issues available for installing the luminaires. You can use the lamp as a resource when the room only provides one point of light. For bedrooms, opt for batting-type luminaires to ensure the general lighting of the place and use lamps on the headboards to give a more welcoming environment. In the kitchen, white light meets the basic needs. If you need to light the countertops, look in specialized stores and install an LED profile glued to the cabinet. In the bathroom, in addition to the electric point on the ceiling,

5- Wall (and door) stickers

The wallpaper is beautiful, but it can be boring to remove. Already the stickers give life to the rooms of the house and allow each room to be decorated according to its function; they also help modify the space and be affordable and easy to install and remove. If the doors are ugly or not in order, stickers can be a great option!

6- Frames

The walls can receive decorative elements even without permission to drill holes. The truth is that no rule forces the paintings to be fixed on the wall :). A beautiful and elegant solution is to rest them on furniture and let them rest on the wall. But if you want to install a painting, portrait, or clock, try to fix these elements with the help of adhesive hooks. Just be careful not to secure an object that is too heavy, as gravity in these cases can be stronger than tape.

7- Curtains

Curtains can be installed without any problem. In addition, their placement will still provide comfort and warmth to the environment. For a future change, curtains can be reformed, either in height, width or length. To dress your windows, always opt for floor-length curtains, as they guarantee sophistication to the environment!

8- Carpets and floors

Carpets dress the house, providing instant visual comfort and being an outlet to hide marks and defects on the floor that can reveal the age of the property or the lack of care of the former residents. If the floor is very ugly or damaged, choose to install a floating laminate floor that does not use glue and can be removed and installed elsewhere.

9- Contact paper

Some rental homes have built-in cabinets that are often ugly, scratched, unsightly, or dated. Customizing this furniture with contact paper can be the perfect solution to cover and give an old kitchen or bedroom cabinets a new look. This technique is also valid for coating appliances such as a refrigerator and dishwasher or clothes. It remembers that this type of sticker can be removed easily.

10- Accessories

That’s the only way to get truly personal space. Decorate with pillows, blankets, books, objects and ensure that your style is reflected in the items chosen for the house!

The main tip for decorating a rented house is not to invest in anything definitive and always look for practical and intelligent alternatives to modify the environments subtly, but that makes everything more comfortable for you and your family.