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10 Flower Foam Ideas for Using Floral Decorations Indoors

Not only the goddess was born from the bubble! Have you ever seen flowers, beautiful butterflies, or strange beasts produced by colored foam? If not, then it is time for you to become familiar with foam. Porous rubber obtained by foaming. This material is straightforward to process, so it is also called plastic suede.

Foamiran-the beauty of frozen foam.

Foams are usually produced in the form of multi-color flakes. It is flexible, easy to cut, and clean. Products made from it are soft but not wrinkle. If the process does not work well, it is straightforward to fix it-use a slightly hot iron to heat it a bit. Foamiran is beautiful, non-toxic, and has a rich palette of colors and shades, so it is trendy among sales girls and professional designers.

1- Large form

In interior design, in addition to painting or screen printing, color foam is also used as volume 3D. Generally, a foreground close-up is performed in this technique, and the perspective view is a painting or wallpaper. The themes range from cherry blossom garlands to harsh urban landscapes.

2- Big Flowers Design

The big flowers at the head of the bed look spectacular. The original drawing on the wall was made of an acrylic resin-a tree with branches and leaves. However, the bright flowers made of foam plastic add depth and realism to the composition.

Foam decoration

However, the most common is to use foam to decorate the interior. The designer creates from.

3- Painting and framing

The composition may be so beautiful that it needs to be framed. Note the surprisingly refined natural color of the material. From a distance, this decoration looks like a picture of flowers.

4- Decorative trimmed trees

The topiary garden is a lucky tree. If made with this beautiful floral foam, it will be a dreamy, elegant, and fashionable feeling. Such a tree can decorate any room. For those who like floral design, this is an excellent choice.

5- Interior decoration

Interior decoration, including on special occasions.

6- Curtain straps

When picked up from a bunch of bouquets, the curtains will look great, just a small bunch of inflorescences. The most important thing is that the composition stands out against the background of the curtains.

7- Ingredients

 Create various ingredients for the interior.

8- Decorative tiles

You can decorate the tiles with beautiful and different flowers.

9- Various ingredients of flowers, fruits, and berries

No matter what your idea is, plastic suede is a good choice. Vase, pods, flower pots!

10- Children’s toys and adult decoration

Foam dolls can be seen in the children’s room as well as in the living room. They can be arranged at once or combined.

The foam material is a material with broad prospects. After all, designers are just beginning to master it. Its structure and quality enable you to create unique artwork to decorate your house.