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12 Attractive and Charming DIY Home Decor Ideas

Is it easy and cheap to update the interior? easily!

DIY home decoration ideas

No effort, no time, no maintenance costs, but do you want to change something? Or is it just that the soul is burning and creativity explodes? There are some excellent and charming ideas for handmade decoration.

Mold painting

It is easier than ever to update wall designs by decorating them. It can be a story with repeated patterns or a single image scattered over a larger area.

Paper patchwork

The most straightforward idea is to use different wrapping paper for the decal on the wall. Cute, earthy drawings will create a rustic atmosphere. For proponents of pop art, a bolder proposal was a made-a collage of magazines and newspapers.

Paper numbers

If you are not ready to glue larger spaces with paper, carefully study the options for creating paper shapes and compositions from them. Butterflies are the most popular in this concept. With the same success, you can achieve the floral theme. Maybe you will put forward your ideas?

Buttonhole jewelry

Will it wash off? Do not! Don’t do that! Do not rinse the toilet paper roll. After all, this is the element of the most magnificent panel that decorates the wall.


However, another paper theme is a bit more complicated than the previous theme. Quiver-Create decorative elements from curled paper strips. This is a more difficult task, but look at the exquisiteness of the panel! It makes sense to work hard.

Fabric painting

There are many options: from simply stretching the fabric onto cardboard and printing exquisite patterns to artistic textiles that combine multiple elements and techniques. Somewhere in between is pieced together. The work is moderately complex, and most importantly, there is always material available. Even if you don’t sew and there is no accumulated debris in the warehouse, please use old clothes for decoration. You can make a beautiful exhibition, or use the things in your pocket to make a little practical thing to hold all kinds of little things.


For patients, this is an art. And he needs to learn. However, you can decorate houses with embroidery and decorate home textiles and clothes with embroidery.