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Charming Plants Decor Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful

plants decoration ideas at home

The decoration with plants can be done in any environment in our homes, being a great alternative to leave the air cleaner and the rooms more attractive. Anyway, there are no limits when choosing the most suitable options for this type of decoration, as long as you feel comfortable and well-being. So, we brought tips that can help you in this task. Follow and understand.


Plant Decoration: Everything You Need to Know

Decorating with plants can be quite simple to do, as long as you know the possibilities and know-how to align them to your needs. Below are some tips on what you should think about when planning your decor. This way you will be able to set up a more structured and effective plan.

What environments can have plants?

Before anything else, you should ask yourself which areas of your home can receive plants to have a change in this regard. Beforehand, we can tell you that any room can receive this type of finish, but what we mean is that you should analyze the space present in your home.

Not all rooms can have ample space and, because of that, it would be necessary to make a deeper analysis in order not to make the environment overloaded, and, in the end, aesthetically compromised and uncomfortable. According to the inspirations that we will bring throughout the article, you will be able to have a more assertive view of what is necessary for an interesting decoration.

Hangings or vases on the floor?

Hangings or vases on the floor

Following the reasoning above, you will have to decide if your pot should be on the ground, or if your plants will hang. This way, it will be much easier to calculate the space requirement. Because, in smaller environments, hanging vases can be the best alternative, while in other situations, the vase on the floor can complement the decoration, filling gaps that, with other furniture, would not be so well filled.

What are the best plants to have at home?

Having understood the above points, let’s now know a little more about the possibilities of plants for our home. So you choose from the aesthetics and ease (or not) of care for a given plant.



The classic fern has a very delicate finish, with its small and at the same time long leaves, which add a touch of softness to any room.

Tree of happiness

Tree of happiness

For those who have more space at home, this model is suitable for filling strategic points, such as under the stairs or at the entrance of the house.



For those who like colour and sophistication, this flower model can be the most interesting. You can find a wide variety of orchids, in different colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your decor.

Sword of Sao Jorge


Sword of São Jorge

This classic model can be used both in vases on the floor, as well as on shelves or counters.



This soft-finished plant with smaller leaves is great for all environments in the house, especially on shelves and tables.

Of course, there are many other plant options you can use, as long as you learn the proper care, for example, and ensure the necessary lighting and air circulation.

What are the best plants to have at home

Decoration Options

Now that you have more information about decorating with plants, it’s time to pay attention to all the inspirations we’ve brought you. Follow:

Decoration with plants in the room

Living Room

Living room

Living room

The living room is a very important environment in our home. It is there that, after the kitchen, we will spend moments socializing and meeting friends and family. However, we need to think of a way to make everything even cosier, right?

Living room

Living room

Thus, plants are an option to energize the environment, making it more conducive to well-being and moments of relaxation. In addition to being relaxing and a great item for us to feel lighter in our daily lives. 

Room decoration

Room decoration 1

The decorated room is essential for us to replenish our energy and feel lighter. That’s where we can rest our mind, meditate, and think of solutions for our daily lives. Thus, it is extremely important that it has a light and purified air. For this, the use of plants can be very interesting. See how to improve your room.

Room decoration 2

Room decoration 3

Note that both the pendant, climbing and common vase models are interesting to make the room Tumblr and beautiful. It will all depend on your space optimization, for example.

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen decoration 1

Kitchen decoration 2

Kitchen decoration 3

Kitchen decoration 4

The kitchen is synonymous with good food and moments of relaxation, especially for those who are passionate about cooking. Thus, investing in plants (and even in an indoor garden ) can be an interesting option for the environment. Look:

Decor with plants in the bathroom

Decor with plants in the bathroom 1

Decor with plants in the bathroom 2

The bathroom also deserves special care in decoration. And no matter what style it is: be it rustic or industrial, classic or modern, a plant is always welcome. For you to understand, we brought images that prove this.

Plants on the wall

Plants on the wall 1

Plants on the wall 2

Plants on the wall 3

Plants on the wall 4

Finally, we even brought possibilities for plants on the wall to make your decoration impeccable. With this, you can make this type of decoration in any space you find suitable, such as hallways, staircases, entrances, anyway! Wherever you have space to invest in plants, do it.

See how you can make your home immaculate with the use of plants in the decoration? So invest in the most interesting options for you and discover the well-being of a new home!