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13 Peaceful and Great Neon Lighting Art Decor Ideas

The LED neon effect ribbon is back!

This is excellent news for all awesome DIY decoration lovers who can promote artistic creativity! The latest trend of 2021 that we see more and more often on Pinterest and other sharing sites is the neon trend in bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces. As far as the decoration style is concerned, it is original, easy to imitate and quite flexible, here are all aspects!

Neon bedroom lights-great lighting art decoration ideas

1- The LED neon effect ribbon is back!

It is conceivable that the luminous lighting we will discuss is not made up of fluorescent tubes, so it does not emit neon lights by itself. They are LED strips with a neon light effect. They not only have greater flexibility and durability but also do not cause eye fatigue. Therefore, a room illuminated by “neon” LED lights is safe for eyesight.

The nature of flexible neon filament determines the realization of many forms, each more artistic than others. Naturally, for actual neon light bulbs, this is not the case. The outer glass body can be bent only under certain pressure and temperature. Facts have proved that these fake fluorescent lamps have advantages in many aspects. It will be a pity if they are not fully utilized!

2- Neon lights in the bedroom

The neon bedroom is one of the most popular and feasible variants of this gorgeous decoration trend. The reason is that the room used for sleep does not need much light, which is entirely suitable for the nature of the artificial neon light strip. At the same time, their subtle and robust light makes them ideal for bedside lamps, whether they are wall-mounted or placed beside the bed.

3- Wall lamp art in children’s room

In the true sense, this neon light does not represent lighting equipment but more “lighting art.” Of course, we can also take advantage of the opportunity to read a few pages before going to bed. On the other hand, the main thing that deserves excellent attention is decoration, especially its ability to attract immediate attention—so, lighting fixtures or decorations? All!

Usually, due to its nature, natural neon lights will only emit red or orange light. Therefore, it is necessary to use bulbs filled with other gases to obtain the remaining colors of the target palette. However, flexible LED strips imitating neon lights can provide RGB neon lights (English, “Red, Green, Blue”).

4- There are many colors to choose from

Don’t worry; using RGB LED ribbons does not mean you can only benefit from the three primary red, green, and blue colors. You can also choose sunshine yellow, pure white, aristocratic purple, romantic pink, and so on. Putting several of them together or using them separately is usually a matter of personal choice. Most importantly, there are also programmable ribbons that can change colors and produce amazing rainbow effects!

5- Put neon lights on the wall decoration of the room

If you want to customize according to your preferences, then rich colors and easy-to-use flexible LED ribbons can achieve many lighting decorations or ornaments. The outlines of symbolic objects depicted by neon lights, love words glowing in the dark, enlightening quotes, or some exciting associations, the only limit to realize them is your imagination!

6- Use neon lights as decorations

You can Check out the video and photo gallery online to learn how to use these fabulous sparkling garlands and a lot of inspiration to create your unique works! On the other hand, if you like this idea, but it is not a creative type, you can order pre-made LED lights with signs, neon lights, signs bright fluorescent lights, etc., on numerous merchant websites and online stores.

7- Simple Shapes

Beginners and DIYers can choose simple shapes.

8- Flamingo

Super Flamingo-the perfect project with rich experience

9- Drawings and Glowing Words

So-called nano flexible neon lights are suitable for detailed drawings and glowing words.

10- Living Room

Neon lights can even be used in a classic living room!

11- Round mirror

Round mirror surrounded by pink neon LED lights for excellent decoration.

12- Blue LED Lights

The blue LED lights in the teenager’s bedroom.

13- Hollywood style mirror

Hollywood style mirror with the LED bulb can be used for retro-chic dressing table.

You should definitely try these ideas as they will give you peace and an amazing atmosphere at home.