Living Room Design

23 Ideas That Can Be Replicated in the Wall Decor Above the Sofa

The living room is where we relax, watch TV, greet guests, and drink coffee. In other words, it is one of the most social places in our home. Usually, the interior of this room includes a comfortable designer sofa, several shelves or bookshelves, TV cabinets, coffee tables, and chairs/stools. Of course, any business card in the living room is a sofa. Not only does it attract people’s attention because of its shape and color, but its background wall also attracts people’s attention. To make the room have the best appearance and emphasize the beauty of the furniture, the designer recommends paying particular attention to the space and making it coordinate with the rest of the decoration. Find many wall decoration ideas above the sofa below!

Which wall decoration above the sofa can be chosen to highlight the blank space?

Upholstered furniture is usually installed longitudinally along the wall. If there are windows in the back, no auxiliary decoration is needed-curtains, and street views are generally sufficient. On the other hand, if the sofa is leaning against a “bare” wall, then you must pay attention to its decoration! What are your options?

1- A life full of animal and plant patterns

In this case, the wall decorations will have a relatively moderate amount of air. The most important thing is to combine the wooden frames into an arrangement that is not necessarily symmetrical and comes in various sizes. Here, all the designs are based on the natural theme of birds and leaves. The velvet sofa and its cushions are decorated in green, beige, and blue.

Tip: To make the paint and decoration blend perfectly, please choose the same shade or at least the same color palette as the sofa.

2- Abstract art and symmetry

Generally speaking, even when decorating walls, the number three is magical in decoration. In this living room, the three tables above the sofa are the same, they are aligned on the base, and the distances between them are equal. Therefore, they try to give people a sense of harmony and order. Their reasonably extensive white background makes them stand out.

Tip: There should be a distance of about 30 cm between the painting and the sofa. It is best not to protrude them to the side of the couch.

3- Large format painting

The XXL format table can be used as the focal point of the wall decoration above the sofa in the living room and extends to the entire room. However, when choosing a more extensive scale painting, you need to ensure that its style and color match the rest of the decoration. Report that she must be distingue but not detuned. This is why neutral tones or black and white are always a good choice.

Tip: For significant works, please choose a cautious frame.

4- Double the paint

To determine that it is feasible and brings freshness to the interior is to place two identical paintings. In this way, you can get the same effect as a single large painting, but the visual value of the artwork will not have much impact on your living room. If the height of the two frames is greater than the width, it can also bring a sense of verticality and visually increase the size of the ceiling. In addition, these paintings give the walls a retro feel.

Tip: bet on paintings with natural patterns.

5- Thanks to the mirror

Decorating the wall behind the sofa with an oversized vintage mirror is another option that won’t fail. In this way, you can open a new “window” in the living room to reflect the view and gain depth and space while adding light. The black rearview mirror adds a sense of fashion.

Tip: The mirror should be within sight, reflect beautiful things, and never leave the door.

6- Customize with photos

If you want an elegant wall with timeless style, bet on the synthesis of black and white photos. Decorating with pictures, in addition to being beautiful, makes you feel good because it reminds you of good times and essential people. The most extensive copy should be placed at the end to keep the composition balanced, and the middle and small documents should be placed in the middle.

Tip: The black frame defines and enhances the photo. White cushions can help you accentuate the wall decoration above the sofa.

7- Composition confusion

Illustrations, paintings, and mirrors…You can indeed create compositions with different shapes and sizes of elements. The only rule: always put the larger block first, and then put the rest around. The center should be about 160-170 cm from the ground. The greater the distance between objects, the greater the effect, although the shared space is 10 cm.

Tip: First, arrange the composition on the floor within an imaginary rectangle to understand its meaning.

8- Display table

You just painted the house and haven’t decided how to trim the walls. In addition, you don’t want to drill holes in it. You want to put one or more paintings on the sofa, but it is also shameful to hide the beautiful decorations simultaneously. Please pay attention to our suggestion: if the image is more significant, support it on the ground like a Nordic to preserve its plaster; if the painting is more miniature, hang a simple side table on the wall and place it on the wall Up, to appreciate coming from afar.

9- Wooden wall covering

Did you know that we lose 20% of our energy through walls? Installing a half-height decorative wooden exterior wall can make the wall heat and sound insulation and personalize and protect the border. If you choose wood panels to capture natural light better, paint the surface dark or use patterned wallpaper. Finally, playing by comparison always brings success.

10- Geometric shelf

It can be a designer shelf with many compartments for books and decorative items, or it can be simple storage that covers the sofa’s width.

11- Decorate a wall that divides in two

With your sofa leaning against the wall, the first thing that comes to mind is to place an illustration that occupies the entire length. But what if you have a pillar that divides the wall in half? In this case, the excellent option is to decorate only one side, place the painting in the center, and keep the other side free so as not to mess up the space. Does this convince you?

12- Bookcase up to the ceiling

Have you noticed the improper use of the wall behind the sofa? To make full use of the space, please place a modern floor-to-ceiling bookshelf here. If you choose the same color as the mural, it will blend with the mural to provide a sense of uniformity. The lower door will hide its interior, and if it slides, it will help to open. The back of the sofa will overlap with the open shelf, revealing books and objects.

13- Wall decoration above the brown leather sofa

You have an awesome leather sofa that you want to make the most of. How to paint olive green on the back wall to make you feel at home in nature? Please choose the most negligible expression in terms of decoration: a simple shelf painted with the same color as the wall. It can support, for example, one or more framed leaf designs.

14- Wall stickers

Simple and colorful, this is how to glue decorative vinyl to the wall and adapt it to any decoration. And if you choose shades similar to the living room textiles to select them, more.

15- Parallel ledges

You live in a small house, and your living room can hardly accommodate a two-seater sofa, nothing more. In this case, please forget the XL part. Instead, two parallel shelves are placed on the back wall of the couch. Paint them the same color as the walls to get a cohesive appearance. Decorate them with small objects and books arranged vertically and horizontally to make them alive, and bring joy with a small vase with tiny flowers.

16- Giant clock

It sometimes degrades to the kitchen wall, but we must admit that every living room needs a valuable clock to calculate the rhythm of the house.

17- Reading light

They are usually not installed on the wall behind the sofa (if it is large, reduce the installation). Still, if you try to do this, you will quickly find that reading lights can also decorate any art Taste and be very useful for reading pictures.

18- Salvage objects

Now, the recyclable items have found their place in the wall decoration above the sofa. In this case, the wall was successfully decorated with old wooden dental trays.

19- Niche on the wall

Niche storage will be an extra privileged space to place your favorite decorative items and photos to make them more critical and valuable.

20- Kitchen buffet

Do you have a big gap between the sofa and the wall and don’t know how to use it? How to move the old-fashioned kitchen buffet? In this way, you will kill two birds with a stone: you will have extra storage space in the living room, and the kitchen will not be so saturated with furniture. To give it a fresher and more natural appearance, please paint a soft green on the sideboard and then put the beautiful porcelain tea set in it.

21- Dressing table cabinet

There is no doubt that a lot of furniture will never go out of style. In this case, we recommend that you place a convenient Victorian cabinet behind the sofa in the living room to store your napkins without giving up the modern style. Suppose you find it almost impossible to open the lower drawer because there is not enough space, but the embroidered tablecloth in and take it out only under exceptional circumstances. Organize the textiles used every day in the first drawer. To complete the wall decoration above the sofa, please hang an old world map, which will make your living room full of an international atmosphere.

22- Graphic wallpaper

Graphic wallpaper provides power and strength. Geometric shapes and graphics, intertwined lines, beautiful waves, or intricate networks bring movement to any room and even decorate the most common sofa.

23- Decorate a wall above the sofa in the corridor

Your hallway is wide enough to accommodate a sofa. Have you considered how to decorate the back wall? Remember, this is the first thing visitors will see. The most important suggestions are sun-shaped mirrors, Nordic carpets, colorful wallpaper, or family portrait photos. In this case, group and compose images of different sizes individually or together until the original composition is created.