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15 Ideas for Using Shelves and Having More Space at Home

Ideas for Using Shelves and Having More Space at Home

In addition to optimizing space, shelves can also be part of the decor. Check out some suggestions!

With the lack of space to build, the trend is to have smaller and smaller properties. Therefore, it is essential to think of practical solutions to make the most of the spaces in your home. And the shelves are great for that!

After all, it’s not because your home is negligible that it can’t be decorated well.
With a few tips, you can optimize the spaces in your home and give it a more modern and stylish look.

One of the highlights of using shelves is that they can be easily installed in various rooms, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. And so, they serve several functions.

It is essential that you choose a model that matches the rest of the furniture in the room where it will be placed, and think about the arrangement of the objects it will hold. Want other tips? Then check out the gallery below!

In the bedroom

In the bedroom 1

Look at the top of the room. These empty spaces are usually underutilized, so it is a good idea to take the opportunity to install shelves.

In the bedroom 2

In order not to create a cluttered look, these shelves should be well thought out and placed in strategic locations.

In the bedroom 3

In addition, they can receive recessed lighting with spots or lamps to brighten the environment.

In the bedroom 4

A nice tip is to match the colors of the shelves with the rest of the furniture.

In the bedroom 5

For organizing books and decorative objects, such as candles and pieces of art, shelves are also great requests in the rooms.

In the room

In the room 1

The shelves can be placed on the same wall as the television, the size of the wall’s extension, forming a kind of frame. This works even if your television is placed on a panel. In this case, the shelf must be the same color as the panel.

In the room 2
If you don’t have a panel or rack, and the TV is wall-mounted, the shelf can be positioned under the TV to support peripheral devices such as DVDs, cable TV signal receivers, video games and also ports DVDs and games.

In the room 3 1

In the room 3

If you have a lot of decorative objects, you can also use the shelves to position them. But choose well which will be these objects, ideally they decorate with the rest of the room.

In the room 4

Well-placed shelves can also add an air of modernity and more style to your decor.

In the hallway and bathrooms

In the hallway and bathrooms 1

While in the living room the shelves can be wider and thicker, to accommodate larger and heavier objects, in the hallway and bathrooms, the ideal is for them to be narrow and thinner, so as not to interfere with circulation. Be careful with the pipes: to avoid accidents with leaks, consult the floor plan of the property before installing a shelf.

In the hallway and bathrooms 2

A good tip is to use the shelves to accommodate towels, next to the stall.

In the hallway and bathrooms 3

They are also great for holding small decorative objects.

In the kitchen

In the kitchen 1

One of the most important rooms to have shelves is the kitchen.

In the kitchen 2

They are versatile and very useful to hold pans, food and other important accessories that you use in your daily life.

In the kitchen 3

In addition, you can also install shelves to hold your spices. That way they will always be there for you when you need them.