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13 Plant Tips to Make Your Home Office Much More Inspiring

We can use various elements to compose home office decoration, such as plants. See which species are suitable for this environment.

It seems that, lately, our life – whether for one reason or another – revolves more around our home environments. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t miss or that we don’t need contact with nature anymore.

On the contrary, we should try to bring plants into interior decorations. This includes placing vases of foliage and flower arrangements in home office decor.

Now, we know that decorating an office is a little more delicate task. That’s because every element placed in this place in the house can considerably impact your studies and professional activities, increasing or decreasing your productivity.

Plants can provide excellent environmental benefits. However, only when they are in the right environments to develop well.


The first thing you need to know is that plants that hold a lot of moisture are not suitable for environments full of electrical equipment.

It is also not suitable to place a plant on a level higher than your computer table that releases seed residues and more constantly. And there are still those plants that give off aromas that, although pleasant, can cause nausea with time.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of suggested plants and flowers for you to use in your home office decoration. Follow the text to the end, choose the species you like best.


Foliage and flower tips for home office decor

1- Rosemary

Who guessed for this one, right? It is normal to see rosemary in kitchen decor. But this is also a good choice for work environments – it’s because of its aroma, which supposedly would help improve cognitive functions such as memory.

2- Anthurium

Experts say that the properties of this plant would help relieve people’s stress – a recurrent feeling in workers. It is a plant that can have vibrant red flowers – so be careful to use it in office decoration.

3- Dracena



This plant is also a good air filter, capable of regulating the ambient humidity, absorbing carbon dioxide and making the air fresher. And why is this positive? Because it would help with concentration and production.

4- Cactuses and succulents


It is an excellent option for those who have a more compact office at home. These plants are also much easier to care for, requiring less time from the person.

However, I need a lot of light. A strong trend in contemporary decorations is the use of globes or glass aquariums with cacti and succulents inside. It’s just a charm. Better alternatives for those who don’t know how to take good care of plants.

5- St. George’s Sword or Spear

They occupy very little space, as their growth is vertical. However, they need to stay away from electrical equipment, such as computer CPUs, as they “hold” a lot of moisture in the earth. On the other hand, these plants are great for filtering the air, removing toxic substances from the place.

6- Gerbera


Its flowers are amazingly beautiful. It is also capable of absorbing impurities from the air, emitting rates of oxygen at night that will help you stay active and focused during the day. She’s just going to need a fair amount of sun.

7- Boa

It is a delicate plant and also toxic, so it needs to stay away from children and animals, and it is better if your vase is suspended or higher. Likes water and heat. And it will make an excellent ornamental contribution to the room’s decoration, creating very attractive bunches and branches.

8- Peace lily

This is an amazing-looking flower plant option that makes decorated rooms look more sophisticated. – outside that it presents a super nice perfume. Such an arrangement can be placed in pots on tables and stands. But, again, it is a species indicated for areas far from electrical appliances, as it likes a lot of humidity – and it should be kept in the shade, always in a bright environment.

9- Maranta

The design of this plant is really amazing; a mix of color styles in shades of green and red. I just need to be kept out of the sun’s rays.

10- Pacova

This tip is for those who have a house with larger spaces. This plant is suitable for all types of decorated rooms, adapting well to medium and large sized pots.

11- Portuguese income

It can be adapted according to available space. It needs to be placed in a location with a certain amount of heat and humidity, but away from the intense sun.

12- Fern

They are outstanding plants. Better that your vases stand on shelves, shelves and niches, or hang in some special corner of the room that receives a good amount of sunlight.

13- Violets

They are small, delicate, colorful plants and, therefore, perfect for delicately decorating home office environments. They can be placed in small pots, without taking up too much bench space. And they can be kept close to you, as they enjoy light environments and mild temperatures, requiring little watering.

Good reasons to bet on living species for home office decoration

Think about it, you certainly don’t just want a beautiful office, but an office that improves your quality of life. Plants help in this regard, but they are also a great decoration option when we have few resources.

They offer a more modern look to the home. And for specialists in harmonizing environments, it also symbolizes an energy filter.

With a few pots scattered around your office, the scene will already be happier and more contagious. Also bet on this idea. Choose vases with shapes and colors that match the rest of the environment, without becoming distracting points that can make you lose your focus of work.