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Mesmerizing Rustic Style Decor Ideas for You

Rustic decor

The rustic decor is constantly growing in the market, this is true. It is a very interesting alternative for those who are thinking of innovating their home decor but have not yet found a style that suits them.

With that in mind, we created this complete guide to help you adhere to this decorative movement. Follow below all the information you need to transform your home today!


What is rustic style decor?

Generally speaking, rustic is nothing more than a “rude” style. In other words, a style of decoration that takes into account the coarse, the rough, something that does not necessarily have a smooth finish, like other decorations.

It’s all that decoration that isn’t polished, that doesn’t present details but is made to demonstrate more striking and coarse features in the furniture and in the construction itself. Therefore, it is mainly used in country houses.

However, as time went by, this decoration was gaining more and more space in the city. Many people started to adhere to this possibility, as it provides an incomparable warmth and beauty in the final result.

So, to learn more about this style of decoration, as well as learn how to transform your home into a more rustic environment, be sure to follow our article below. Look:

What can’t be missing in rustic decor

Before getting to know the inspirations and options for decorating each room in your home, let’s first list the most important items of this style. That way, there will be no mistake when putting together that impeccable decoration. Follow:

Raw colours

Raw colours

The raw colours we refer to are the colours of iron, wood, cement, plaster, etc. In other words, they are the colours that refer to a finish, not that finished. The rustic decoration emphasizes exactly that: the construction and the project itself is a good decorative finish, which inhibits the need to keep increasing with special paints to make the environment really “beautiful”.



The wood is another option very striking decoration rustic style. It appears on the furniture, on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor. It will all depend, of course, on your personal taste as well. However, it is essential that the wood is quickly noticed in any environment, to have the finish that the rustic so cherishes.



As mentioned, cement in ecru colour is a strong point for this decoration. It leaves everything but polished, and perfect for providing the rough effect you’re looking for with this option.

Old furniture

Old furniture

Who said that you need to invest hundreds of reais in new furniture and with an impeccable and modern finish? Of course not! The rustic values ​​the simple, the unfinished, the old. So, nothing better than investing in old furniture, with the paint peeled off, to have an even better effect on the result.

“Gross” finish

Gross finish

However, what we mention most throughout our article: the rough finish. Which, we can say, is not even that finished, is it? Being a finish that actually demonstrates something unfinished, something to be done. It is the brute of leaving something missing a part, a piece, that provides the special and incomparable touch of the true rustic.



Finally, a point that encompasses all the other items we mentioned, in some way: reuse. Reusing old furniture, reusing irons to create unique decorations, reusing demolition wood for a rustic finish in the room, etc. Reuse is part of this movement, so that your decoration becomes even more beautiful, interesting and meaningful, obviously.

How to decorate your home in a rustic style

Now that you know the strongest points of rustic style decor, it’s time to learn how to implement this decor in your home, room by room, to achieve that impeccable magazine result. Follow:



In the kitchen, you can spice up your decor with unpainted wooden cabinets. The wood-coloured finish will make the environment more “rude” and with an aged effect. Also, using darker (but not as heavy) curtains, hanging iron pans as a decorative item, and generally using household utensils as decorative pieces is a great option.

Use meat boards hanging on the wall, with hooks for you to hang dish towels, for example. Make use of the pieces and furniture that allow your old dishes to be more visible. Bet on iron chairs to complement any style of your kitchen.



Wood can indeed be part of your bathroom decor, different from what many people say. In addition, bamboo partitions, clay vases, coloured flooring, among other alternatives, make your bathroom more interesting and beautiful.

Towels also need to keep up with the movement: light colours are not so much the rustic style and, therefore, opting for more striking and strong colours can be a more interesting option.

Living room

living room

The room is, without a doubt, one of the environments that we can “play” most with the rustic decor. This is because it is in this environment that you can even use a tree trunk as a coffee table.

In addition, of course, to using a lot of wood in the furniture, iron as the legs of the table, sofa, etc. Antique furniture, ageing upholstery and “worn out” painted shelves need to be part of your rustic living room.



Pallets can – and should – join the list of materials you need to have a more rustic room. A bed made of pallets, or using them as a headboard, are alternatives that will further enhance your decor.

Covers, curtains and rugs in dark tones also need to enter this environment. Wall with raw plaster, behind the head of the bed, make the room even cosier and with the decoration even more beautiful.

Rustic Decor Inspirations

Now that you know all about rustic decor, it’s time to get to know some possibilities and inspirations to help you build your own home decor. See the options we’ve separated for you:

Rustic Decor Inspirations

Rustic Decor Inspirations 1

Rustic Decor Inspirations 3 

Rustic Decor Inspirations 2

Rustic Decor Inspirations 4

Rustic Decor Inspirations 5

Rustic Decor Inspirations 6

Rustic Decor Inspirations 7

Rustic Decor Inspirations 8

Rustic Decor Inspirations 9

Rustic Decor Inspirations 10

Rustic Decor Inspirations 11

Rustic Decor Inspirations 12

A rustic-style decor is cosy and unique

The rustic decor is, without a doubt, very cosy. The wood, the “unfinished” finishes and the more raw colours provide relaxation and tranquillity. This way, you will have an environment to recharge your energies, always after that difficult day. Bet on this option and change the way you see your home decor! Then just tell us the results.