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15 Birthday Table Decor Tips to Make Yourself

If you are looking for a birthday table decoration original, so our article is for you. To help you prepare and organize your birthday party, we invite you to discover our selection of birthday decorating ideas. It will suit all ages and tastes: festive and colorful style, elegant style, minimalist style and others. Discover a decoration to your image for the pleasure of the eyes.

Elegant and elegant birthday table decoration 

Have you ever wondered where the custom of celebrating birthdays comes from? Basically, there are many traditions that can be observed in different cultures when celebrating birthdays. The origin of this holiday is strongly linked to magic and religion. Originally, practices such as: addressing congratulations, giving gifts, and celebrating the event were meant to protect the demons from celebrating their birthday. Burning candles were also part of this ritual. Until IVe century, Christianity rejected the celebration of birthdays, considering them as a pagan custom and inappropriate.

Decorative birthday table idea with photos for children and adults

The anniversary celebration is practically implanted in all cultures. This event gives rise to festivities and rites very diverse. The idea of ​​annual commemoration was probably formed in the prehistoric world with the appearance of two important phenomena. The first is the formation of a mystical consciousness that involves invisible forces that are outside the world of humans. The second is the belief that the cosmic system is repetitive through the lunar cycle. These two phenomena give rise to the idea of ​​a calendar and, with it, the possibility of celebrating specific dates.

Birthday table decorated in blue with balloons

The origin of birthdays as we know them today is to be found in the Greco-Roman traditions and beliefs of antiquity. In ancient Greece, people believed that at the birth of an individual a protective spirit, named daemon, attends and watches over him from birth to death. The birthday was then a celebration for the protective daemon to ensure its benevolence for the coming year.

Table decoration with soft and soft colors

The tradition of preparing and serving a cake is also from the Greek world of antiquity. The goddess Artemis, known as the protector of deliveries, receives moon-shaped honey cakes decorated with candles for her birthday. From here comes the tradition of serving a cake with candles.

Sesame Street themed decoration

The tradition of celebrating birthdays seems quite normal today. This was not the case at the time of the appearance of Christianity. For politico-religious reasons, this religion was not favorable to the tradition which was already well established in the collective unconscious. The celebration of birthdays, known in the Greco-Roman world, stems from a pagan belief that did not accord with the Christian church and its morality.

Decoration with geometric lines

Nowadays, the birthday celebration is very common and habitual. There really are no rules how to decorate your birthday table. We can dare anything as much as it pleases us. You can easily get inspired by one of our DIY and decoration proposals and try it at home. For a successful decoration, you need very few materials and a lot of imagination. Do not forget to light the candles to calm the spirits! Happy Holidays!

Elegant and original origami garland

Original decoration, fun and practical

Balloons are a must

Colorful and joyful decoration to manufacture

Birthday table decoration very original to make with balloons and cardboard

Decoration idea with balloons and strawberries

Table decoration with frames and photographs

Original decoration in blue 

Pink and feminine decoration