Creative Bedside Table Ideas to Innovate in Bedroom Decor

The furniture next to the bed is practical, but it doesn’t always need to follow a pattern. Bet on a creative bedside table and escape the ordinary! A small drawer beside the bed is the most common model of bedside table, mobile brings convenience and organization to the rooms. In addition to being useful, this space to leave books, cell phones, alarm clocks and other items can be very charming to complement the room’s decoration.

Unlike what most people think, the table doesn’t exactly have to be a chest of drawers. A creative version, made with different materials or objects, leaves the place with its own face without losing its function. Therefore, you can invest in smart and unusual ideas to innovate in decor , ensuring a stylish corner. Get inspired!

Different models of bedside table to get inspired


The suspended bedside table style, like a swing, is romantic and modern. The idea is capable of transforming a simple shelf into a striking piece of room decoration. And the best part is that you can make your own at home.


Niches are practical and very versatile as you can adapt them to your needs. As in the examples above, it is possible to use a single piece or combine several sizes. Small details in the painting will make all the difference in the final result.


There’s nothing more economical than taking an object you already own and assigning it a new role, right? Chairs are a great example of furniture that can replace the bedside table, adding extra charm to the decor.


Another very accessible version is the wooden box, found in open markets, for example. The pieces can be transformed into furniture for the whole house, including bedside tables. It is even worth implementing “trainers” to facilitate the mobility of the object.


In small rooms, any space to be used is an advantage. That’s why you can bet on bedside tables made up of several shelves, which optimize the room’s organization in a personalized way. Another positive point is the ease of reaching items from the bed whenever you need them.


Are you passionate about travel? So the bedside table can be a great way to show that feeling and keep the good memories always by the bed. The tip is to opt for more rustic travel bags for a creative decoration full of personality.


As with suitcases, there are several ways to make the room look like you, betting on a ‘different’ bedside table. Basically, any object that has a flat surface on top can be adapted for this function, making the decoration much more fun and unique. Enjoy!

Extra tip

Did you know that the term “nightstand” is falling into disuse as it is considered racist ? The word originates from one of the functions performed by servants during slavery: that of holding objects for the masters beside the bed. Also, they couldn’t make noise so as not to get in the way.

With that in mind, we can still take the opportunity to, in addition to drawing inspiration from these amazing bedside table ideas, rethink our vocabulary, deleting expressions like that once and for all!

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