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10 Different Garden Fencing Ideas for Everyone!

The garden fence, Whether wood, wrought iron, PVC, modular panels, or stone, it is not just a decorative element that adds charm to the charm of a garden.

1- Garden fence for protection, appearance

Garden fences have a protective role, to prevent unwanted intrusion on the one hand, and to protect your garden from being seen outside, to give you the privacy you are entitled to claim when you rest.

2- A fence that is in harmony with its surroundings

The aesthetic requirement of a garden fence is that it harmonizes with the environment, while respecting the style that prevails throughout the garden, while ensuring an effective physical barrier. Depending on the level of security you’re looking for, or the type of intrusion you’re dreading, material choices will vary.

3- Barriers prevent dogs from passing

If you live in a relatively quiet residential area, you may only need a low barrier, which allows you to be in alliance with the environment without feeling trapped, and which will be used to prevent dogs from the neighborhood coming to damage your garden.

4- Modern style wooden fence

In this sense, a good material for a garden fence would be wood, which will perform the desired function while maintaining a light, non -invasive and warm appearance. Wooden fences are available in various aspects and designs, they can be treated to fight the weather, varnished or painted, to create a rendering from rustic to modern elegant, according to your tastes and wishes.

5- Village Fence

It is possible to create a rustic Texan farm or a mountain style fence using infrequent wood. Or to join branches to achieve Plessis, which will be more or less invisible in the function of braiding more or less tightly. In the same vein, you can create a living hedge, which has the advantage of not rotting and becoming thicker and stronger.

6- Be careful to breed bamboo

To stay within the natural theme of living plants, bamboo hedges are always more likely, depending on the species, bamboo can grow in very tight clumps and provide complete concealment of your soil. Beware, however, of massive germination, which can become uncontrollable if you don’t place an anti-rhizome barrier buried vertically along your fence.

7- Large branches planted in the ground

Always in wood, a fence with strong and very solid extinguishing power is a pile of logs, which you can use as a firewood reserve if extreme weather conditions are to prevent you from leaving your home. And for a very original style, tree trunks, of all sizes, and planted vertically in the ground will be the most beautiful effect if you find yourself in a country or forest setting.

8- Treated wood panels

Wood is always, with the reuse of pallets, which can easily be a pretty half -high fence, and which you can paint each board in a different color, for the original luxury input. In the trade, you will find many wood panels, supplied already treated and varnished, or paint in a color you like, for a color block effect in your exterior layout.

9- Choose decorated wrought iron to avoid looking too hard

If you are not wood, stone walls are also a very aesthetic option, you can build them at half height and extend them vertically with a wooden or metal fence. Wrought iron is an effective protection from a safety standpoint, but it runs the risk of giving a cool aspect to your garden, and a sensation for you to be confined.

10- Traditional white garden fence

Metal nets are also an option, to make it darker, you can add plants, either natural or synthetic, there is a wide selection of commercially available. Gabion walls are metal mesh modules that are often filled with stone, for a natural and contemporary effect.

They allow to limit your land, and mobile, if you have not yet decided the course that will take your obstacle. They are available in several colors of stone filling, and their arrangement allows to create patterns.