11 Miraculous Ideas for Decorating With Candles

The beauty and romanticism that some lighted candles can convey are undeniable and contribute to a warm and inviting decor. Practical, multifaceted and economical, candles are a mandatory decorative note in all homes, and the various environments created with them are easily renewable, depending on the season or mood.

1- Up stairs, down stairs

Candles and roses on the stairs

If you want a decoration with candles with a “wow” impact, you only have to place one on each step of a flight of stairs – inside different candle holders or jars so that you can light whenever you want; or simply perched for a purely decorative effect. Depending on the available space, you can opt for larger or smaller candles. When lit, they have the same incredible effect both inside and outside the house.

2- Main star of the fireplace

Fireplace and candles

If there is a place in the house that asks for candles in its decoration, it is the fireplace! Whether placed on top of a beautiful tray, in candlesticks or inside glass cups; whether they are filling the opening of the fireplace itself (if you are not using it, in summer) or leaning against one side of the fireplace (if you usually light it), the effect is very cozy . Play with a set of candles in different colors and sizes.

3- Lighted centerpiece

A table decoration is not complete if it does not have candles. The versatility of the candles allows them to be incorporated in the most diverse and creative ways, in centerpieces worthy of any professional decorator: just gather a group of candles of different sizes (of the same color or in monochromatic tones) and display on a tray or place in a basket; displaying a row of tealights from one end of the table to the other is casual yet elegant; on a multi-tiered plate the candle display becomes really appetizing, as does a set of small candles floating in a bowl of water and some flowers. Just choose, shine and shine!

4- Trapped in the cage

One of the current trends in interior decoration is the indoor display of empty, vintage bird cages. To achieve a very cottage-chic look , fill the cage with some candles. By day the cage will be an object of curiosity and conversation, by night it will be pleasant company.

5- Luminous lanterns

Lanterns with stars

Is there anything more charming than candlelit lanterns strategically placed on windowsills, indoors or out? Using lanterns to display and light candles is still a safe way to have them spread all over the house, from the kitchen to the office, passing through the bathroom.

6- Chandeliers & Candlesticks

Chandeliers and candlesticks are elegant and timeless decorative pieces. As they never go out of style, it’s time to put yours to use: place them in unexpected places such as on the table in the hall, in the kitchen or on the floor of the dining room. When you get tired of the candles, swap the candlesticks for others or join two of different pairs.

7- Candles & Glass

A perfect combination, candles and glass are a must in any decor: little used vases, vases and glasses can come out of the cupboards to hold candles and be dispersed throughout the house. Keep canning jars, jams and yogurts for small candles; and narrow bottles for long candles. Mix and group different glasses, shapes, sizes and colors for a candle decoration beyond the original.

8- Everyday objects

Fortunately, candles go with everything and that’s why they are a huge hit in the decor world. All places are likely to receive a beautiful candle or a set of them – from the kitchen and bathroom, to the balcony and the hallway. Don’t be afraid to experiment and redecorate whenever you feel like changing something in the decoration: there isn’t any cheaper than candles.

9- On the beach or in the field

Candle glass and sand

Candles are such a neutral and natural object that they seem like Mother Nature’s creation, hence the fact that they blend so well with rocks, sand, shells, leaves, branches, pine cones and other elements that are easily picked up outdoors. Then, just put everything together in a simple jar, goblet or glass jar and expose.

10- Dressed Candles

Do you have a set of similar candles in a basic color and want to display them with some creativity but don’t know how? Gather a group of identical cups and cover them with decorative paper, using double-sided adhesive tape; add bows, diamonds, sequins, buttons, stones, leaves or other embellishments. Renew whenever you want.

11- Colors, Patterns & Aromas

There are candles in all colors, patterns and scents, so there is no reason for a monotonous candle decoration. Adapt the shades of the candles to the color palette of the environment in question – warm tones for heating, cool tones for cooling. Draw attention with bold or elegant patterns, giving the candles the main role in a more neutral or minimalist space. And because an aroma can also be part of the decor, match scented candles to the current time of year – for example, apple and cinnamon for winter; lime and lemon for summer.

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