Know-How to Decorate the House With Flowers

As a decorative element of great beauty, flowers, with their most varied colors, shapes and textures, are welcome in any room in the house. Get inspired by these flower decoration ideas and make each of your spaces a flowery space.

Living room

A family gathering space par excellence, the living room asks for a flower decoration to make the room even more inviting. As, as a rule, the living room has a lot of movement and is the stage for various activities, opt for small floral arrangements on the coffee table or on a side table. Another alternative is to place a basket with flowers inside the fireplace or on top of it, using two arrangements – one at each end – or dispersing flowers in several individual vases.

Dining room

Imposing and usually reserved for more special moments, the dining room deserves a decoration with large and showy flowers. Place two identical floral arrangements, one at each end of the sideboard, or opt for the traditional and always beautiful vase of flowers in the center of the dining table. Add some candlesticks with candles to create an intimate atmosphere.


Recent studies have revealed that the presence of fresh flowers in common areas such as the kitchen contributes to an improvement in the mood. Displayed on the kitchen table, worktop, refrigerator or window sill, use colorful and cheerful vases or typical kitchen containers – water pitchers, kettles or tins – to create a dynamic environment.

Entrance hall

There’s nothing better than a grand floral arrangement displayed on a console in the foyer – after all it will be the first thing you see when you get home and the last thing when you leave. To bring some creativity to flower decoration, and always taking into account the dominant decorative style, choose to display them, together with thin tree branches, in a rustic bucket or umbrella holder. You can even create or have a wreath made to hang directly on the front door.


Decorate stairs with flowers? Why not?! Small containers filled with simple floral arrangements can be placed alternately on the stairs themselves. Another alternative is to hang a basket of flowers on the stair rail, at the bottom, top or both ends; a huge flower pot is yet another beautiful way to decorate the top of a staircase, welcoming you to the upper floor.


A work environment is instantly lighter and more inviting with a delightful floral arrangement, whether on the desk, very close to a side table or on the shelves, along with books and other decorative pieces. The luminosity and naturalness of flowers is very welcome in a space as typically serious and controlled as the office.


Often neglected, the decoration of a bathroom can only benefit from an arrangement of flowers, preferably showy and colorful, to serve as a point of interest. Its fragrance and positive energy transmission are other advantages of the inclusion of flowers in this division.


The flowers in the room bring, simultaneously, good energy and tranquility… not to mention a touch of pure romanticism. All you need is a handful of flowers – which you can match with your bed linen or wallpaper – arranged in a pretty vase, to instill an instant breath of fresh air into the space.

Guest room

Welcome your guests with a flowery decoration by placing a vase with your favorite flowers in the guest room or with buds that reflect the environment of the space. Strategically placed on the bedside table or dresser, a floral arrangement in the room will make your guests feel like they are in a five star hotel!

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