10 Unique Ways to Decorate With Screens

Multipurpose, both in practical terms and in aesthetic terms, the use of screens in decoration has gained importance in the enhancement and organization of any space. Presented in different sizes and materials, decorative screens have numerous advantages: from helping to create more privacy nooks without the weight of a wall or as a substitute for other elements, the screens can even be easily moved from one place to another – which lets you change the decor whenever you want. Are you in the mood to introduce a screen in your home decor?

1. Creative headboard

If you’re fed up with the headboard of your bed or your bed just doesn’t have a headboard and I wish it did, but you’re looking for an original solution, why not use a screen? Starting with wooden screens and passing through fabric or iron screens, there are models in the most varied styles that, placed at the head of the bed, not only transform this piece of furniture, but also the entire decoration of the room. Does the screen you have don’t fit into this decoration? Paint it, line it with fabric or wallpaper, turn it upside down.

2. Screen or inspiration board?

In the decoration, a screen can perfectly serve as a table of inspiration… whether in a dressing room with the looks for the week, or in an office, where you can fix/hang elements depicting the work we do. Daily inspiration for your decor…

3. Beautify walls with screens

A decorative screen is perfect for hiding walls that may have cracks or damp stains, and it can also be used to display photographs or small works of art if, for example, you live in a rented house where you cannot drill holes in the walls.

4. Decorative separation

Many homes lack a physical barrier, such as a wall or door, that divides the rooms. For example, if you open the front door and enter directly into the living room, using a decorative screen can not only create the illusion of an entrance hall, it also protects the privacy of the room, making it at the same time more welcoming. A decorative screen that creates a decorative separation…

5. Screen instead of curtains

Have you ever thought about replacing the curtains with a screen? In addition to being a functional idea, it becomes a very creative decorative element. A good option for that room in the house that still doesn’t have curtains or for that glass door that requires some privacy other than closing the blind!

6. Create a more intimate dining room

In most houses, there is a division that simultaneously serves as a living room and a dining room: if the idea is to separate the two, either because they have different decor styles or even because you want to create a more intimate environment, a screen can be a very creative solution. The screen will create a division between the living room and the dining room and the result will be a more intimate dining room and a more comfortable living room, creating the illusion of two spaces. A decorative screen can work equally well in the room if the idea is to create a work or play area.

7. Screens in the children’s room decoration

With the arrival of a baby in the family, one of the great pleasures is precisely the decoration of the baby’s room . In this context, you can use a screen to create a room that separates the cradle from the changing room, for example. There are screens with children’s decoration, which makes the room even more beautiful, as it can continue to be used to decorate the space, in different ways, as the child grows.

8. Increase the potential of a small space

If the house is small, as is the case with studios, having all the rooms concentrated in one can make the house a little chaotic. The use of decorative screens can help to delimit different areas, separating the dining area from the rest area, for example. Opt for light and translucent screens, so as not to make this small space too heavy or even more cramped.

9. Create a reading zone

If you like a good book and love being able to enjoy it in a corner of the living room or bedroom, using a screen to create a cozy space dedicated exclusively to reading might be a good idea. Add a comfortable armchair, a good floor lamp and voila, a very Zen reading corner.

10. Outdoor Screen

Love screens but don’t have space to put one indoors? It doesn’t matter: take it to the balcony or patio and make your outdoor decor a snap!

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