15 Unconventional Tips to Organize Small Environments

Keeping an uncluttered environment can be a challenge when space is tight. That’s why anyone who lives in an apartment or small house knows how difficult it is to deal with the mess and keep everything in order. But know that there are some tips on how to organize small environments that can make a difference in your daily life. However, it’s important for you to know that organizing small environments requires having few things. However, in the following you will better understand the importance of letting go of some things. So let’s get to the tips on how to organize small environments and optimize the available spaces as much as possible.

How to organize small environments?

The first thing you need to understand is that having little space is not a problem. So the real problem is having too much stuff to keep in too little space. Therefore, all the tips you will see below will only work if you practice letting go. That is, evaluating the importance of each thing and unraveling those things that you don’t use or that are useless.

Over time we accumulate many things that sometimes have some meaning for us, or we simply believe that that object will be useful at a given time. However, we are only accumulating things that are not useful now and that get in the way of the organization of the environment.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of the mess in your day-to-day and have much more spacious, comfortable and organized environments, it is essential to get rid of what does not benefit you or the environment.

1. Use shelves on walls and corners

One way to optimize a lot of space to store things and organize environments is to include shelves on the walls and also in corners. So, you can organize the shelves with baskets, organizer boxes and include beautiful decorations to make everything more tidy and beautiful.

2. Use bed with trunk to store things

In the bedroom, a great idea for those with little space is to use the bed with a trunk. However, inside the trunk you can keep bedding, blankets, comforters and other things you don’t use often so you don’t have to keep opening the trunk all the time.

3. Have a multifunctional headboard

Another really cool idea on how to organize small rooms is to have a multifunctional headboard. However, more than decorative, your headboard can be a chest, it can have shelves or even serve as a bedside table. Today there are numerous headboards that have various functions to save space.

4. Place shelves in high places

Depending on your needs, you can include shelves in high places to maximize the available space. This is a great idea for when the wall already has a piece of furniture that takes up space, but still has a high part that can serve as space for organization. So remember to only keep items that you don’t use often.

5. Store spices outside the refrigerator

Who knew that even the outside of the refrigerator could be a potential place to organize your small kitchen. However, this is a great tip for saving spices. So, just put a magnet or buy pots that come with a magnet to put on the fridge.

6. Store small appliances

Some appliances are so beautiful that they end up adorning the entire kitchen countertop. However, they end up taking up a lot of space that could be used to handle food, for example. Therefore, store small appliances in cabinets and drawers to optimize space and improve organization.

7. Use hanging cabinets

This tip applies to the kitchen, bedroom and even living room. Hanging cabinets serve the same purpose as the shelf, optimizing space and making it possible to store things. So, bet on this idea to make the best use of every space in your home.

8. Bet on mirrors to decorate the house

If the idea is to expand the environments, the best tip is to include mirrors in the decoration. That’s because mirrors give the impression that the room is larger, which will make your home visually more spacious. So, put a mirror in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and wherever else you want.

9. Use light colors on the walls

Just as mirrors have the ability to magnify an environment, light colors also have this function. So, bet on these colors, especially white, to expand the environments of your home.

10. Have transparent parts or furniture

Another way to expand the environment is to have decorative pieces or furniture that are functional in glass or acrylic, as the transparency of these items will help to expand the environment.

11. Use organizers in all environments

For organization there is nothing better than organizers, whether in basket, box, divider, hive or other format. Therefore, the important thing is to think about functionality and how you can organize the environment using these items.

12. Have furniture with niches or drawers

Another tip on how to organize small environments and have more storage space is opting for furniture that has drawers or niches. For example, bed with drawers, wardrobe with extra niches, room dividers with niches, among other ideas.

13. Place a drying rack over the sink

For those who have a small kitchen and need to optimize the countertop space in the sink, a really cool idea is to use a drying rack over the sink. Nowadays there are several cool models that make it possible to optimize the sink countertop.

14. Keep toys in boxes

Those with children know how difficult it is to keep toys organized, especially if the house or apartment is small. Therefore, bet on boxes to help with organization or even on organizing chests and baskets.

15. Make custom furniture for the environments

The best way to optimize the spaces you have in your home is making bespoke furniture. Professionals specializing in custom furniture know very well how to take advantage of the spaces available in each environment. So this is a very important tip if you have small environments and want to keep them organized easily.

These were the 15 tips on how to organize small environments. Remembering that the organization of small environments depends on the optimization of spaces and also the reduction of objects. With all these tips, your house or apartment will be much more organized and with little effort!

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