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20 Small Corner Bath and Resolutions for Small Spaces

Do you love taking baths and dreaming of a small space bath? Check out these solutions with corner bath, hoof, round or square! We know it well: to build a small bathroom can be a real headache.

1- 3 square meters

Today, in France, the recommended minimum size for a room of this type is 3 square meters. This leads many homeowners to wonder how to reconcile their desire to have a beautiful, well-equipped bathroom with the stresses of such a tiny surface. It is therefore no wonder that bathtubs with original shapes (angle, asymmetrical, etc.) are an increasingly popular choice in recent years.

2- Zen bathroom with small white corner bath

In the past, bathing with a bathtub was often the only way to wash. This has changed with the gradual introduction of showers. Although they have existed since antiquity, showers became popular in the late 19th century. In France, the first showers in public baths were installed in 1893. Supplied by the shower, which was more hygienic and more economical, the bath has “specialized” for long relaxing baths. It is today synonymous with relaxation and pleasure.

3- Small round corner bathtub

To save space in your small bathroom, you can bet on a corner bath. This is a modern version of the bathtub called “hoof”, which we will return later in our article. As a relatively new model, this bathtub is generally characterized by its clean forms and contemporary design.

4- Small corner bathtub in Jacuzzi version

It is comfortable and ergonomic, sometimes even existing in jacuzzi version, as you can see in the picture above. The small corner bath is available in a variety of colors, the most popular of which are white and black. Thanks to its friendly look, it can be easily integrated into any type of bathroom decoration trend: modern, contemporary, Zen, minimalist, etc.

5- Italian design small corner bath

Side dimensions, it is now possible to find angle tubs or other models with low space requirements suitable for rooms of less than 10 square meters. As we have already said, many of these models are inspired by the so-called “hoof” bathtub. In its classic sense, this term refers to a bathtub that is shorter and taller than usual. It was intended for a person taking baths while sitting. Very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, it gradually adapted to the morphology of the human body to offer us more comfort. Today, we rediscover its usefulness thanks to models that are easy to install in a mini bathroom and innovations in its design.

6- Small luxury hob corner bath for luxury bathroom

During the last decade, the growing interest in small baths has led manufacturers to offer a wider range of such products and to enrich the choice of shapes, materials and finishes. Unfortunately, some traders seem to struggle to meet the demand for these models and they can be hard to find in stores. For this reason, we advise you to inform yourself about existing models by conducting a preliminary search.

7- Bathroom with hip bath

8- Bathroom with small bathtub

9- Small bathtubs for bathroom

10- Small bathroom with bathtub

11- Corner Small Bathtub for Bathroom

12- Small hoof type bathtub

13- Small round bathtub in modern style

14- Small corner bath with jacuzzi

15- Small bath with shower

16- Small corner bath for black bathroom

17- Small black corner bath

18- Small corner bath 

19- Small corner bath for elegant bathroom

20- Small corner bath of modern design