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12 Tips to Enhance the Decoration of Any Room

Today we are going to see a few suggestions that will make any of your rooms improve without making big changes. Get a great result, even if you don’t have decorating experience, by following these basic design guidelines.

1. Choose the correct paint color

There are thousands of paint colors with different tints, shades and hues, each giving a different look to your home as light varies, meaning what looks good in one home may not look as good in another. You have to look for the color that best complements your upholstery, carpet or any other element.

2. Give your furniture some room to move easily

If you have a tight budget it will even come in handy, because by buying a few you can spend more on each of them. It is not necessary to fill a space with a large amount of furniture.

3. Hang the pictures at the correct height 

Galleries and museums position works of art so that the center of each piece is 1.5 meters above the ground . If you are not sure how it will look, take a photo, it can give you an idea of ​​whether you need a larger or smaller piece, or if a tall plant might be a better option to fill the space.

4. Carpet decoration

If you have a carpet, you have to know how to organize the furniture. There are basically three forms of organization to improve the decoration of the room.

  • All Over – The rug is large enough to fit all the furniture legs on top of it. This creates a luxurious feel. Therefore, the bigger the better. Just make sure to leave about 40cm free on each side.
  • All out: the mat should look as if it could touch the front legs of each of the pieces. This approach is best when you are on a solid rug.
  • Neither inside nor outside: simply put the front legs of all the furniture on the carpet, creating a well-defined space but giving a feeling of openness.

5. Resist the temptation to be too monothematic

For example, if you want to give a coastal atmosphere, avoid using clichés such as sailboats or blue and white colors.

6. We focus our attention on a point in the room

Create a focal point of attention and make other elements play a supporting role. Don’t pretend that everything has leadership, choose something that attracts attention. In this room the fireplace and lighting work together as a collective focal point.

7. Consider lines of sight

The best place to start coordinating is usually right in front of a room’s entrance.

8. Upgrade, don’t hold on to a piece that doesn’t fit 

It doesn’t matter if it belonged to your aunt or grandmother, find another more suitable place for it.

9. A well-matched large mirror

Take into account the size of what you buy according to the design of the room. What looks good in the store may look like an elephant when you put it in one room, but it may look good in another. Study the spaces before buying anything, for example, in the photo you can see how the solar mirror, which is quite large, is perfect on this wall.

10. Add layers of lighting

When lighting uniformly, contrasts are played

In this kitchen, the back wall and the interiors of the cabinets are illuminated. A central light would not have had the same result, since if everything is evenly lit nothing stands out . You can also add general mood lighting and some table lamps.

11. Incorporate unexpected elements

Armchairs, library-style shelves or a large lamp in the center are unexpected elements in a conventional living room, but the result is charismatic.

12. Don’t try to be too creative with quirky decorations

What you see on TV are decorated, in real life the decoration is simpler and more personal, especially use things that make you smile and are comfortable.

So far the 12 suggestions to improve the decoration of any room, I hope you liked them and that you propose new ideas to share them with everyone!