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10 Keys to Decorate Eclectic Kitchens With Ideas

Today we are going to see the keys to decorating eclectic kitchens like the professionals, with photos to inspire you and get good ideas that will leave your guests with their mouths open. Learning through trial and error is fine, but it is better if you know the tricks that interior designers use in their projects.

Although it may seem otherwise, eclectic style decoration is one of the most difficult, but also one of the most gratifying and rewarding. The fact that there are no rules makes it free, which requires creativity and seeing real examples to know what looks good and what doesn’t.

Eclectic kitchen decoration: The 3 keys of interior designers

1- Eclectic kitchen with exposed brick wall

Every kitchen is different and what works in one may not work as well in another. But if you follow the basic principles that decorating professionals use, because they know they work, you will achieve a spectacular result with less effort.

2- Mix styles, eras and textures

Eclectic decor in a modern kitchen

Mix eras in eclectic kitchens

Are you sure you already know, right? Mixing decoration styles, objects from different periods and the combination of textures, is the fundamental pillar of this style . You cannot decorate an eclectic kitchen without merging different concepts.

One of the reasons why this decorative style is so great is the ease of combining furniture and accessories of all kinds without any fear of being wrong. Because it’s just about that, impossible mixtures.

3- Modern vintage eclectic style kitchens

Merging the new with the old, an old brick wall with modern appliances, some vintage Victorian armchairs with retro paintings from the 70s.

To make it even easier, you can choose a base style and add an eclectic touch with some furniture, accessories or colors. Because if you overload the kitchen it can be a bit stressful, and hence the next key point.

4- Choose your favorite style and add the eclectic touch

Concordance in decoration must be strictly adhered to, although in the eclectic this rule is skipped. Even so, it is easier to create kitchens with an eclectic decoration if there is a predominant base. Make a starring style clear and add peculiar touches with utensils or furniture.

5- Eclectic retro-style kitchens

Eclectic industrial kitchens decoration

Eclectic vintage kitchens

For example, you can rely on rustic, industrial, minimalist decoration, or any other style, and create the eclectic touch in the kitchen with stools, a table or a refrigerator from another era or another color.

6- Eclectic kitchens mean what it is

With this you get the result to be less confusing, because if you do not have experience it can be too overwhelming, it may seem that you are in a traveling fair, and we do not want that.

7- Color is key, but with consistency

If you like colors, this style is going to be a delight for you, because combining bright colors in furniture, walls, accessories and textiles is key. Here the line that separates good taste from eccentricity is very thin, interior designers choose no more than 4 or 5 colors, and always with the same saturation and luminosity. Either all bright colors or all pastel colors, because a point of coherence is essential.

8- Eclectic kitchen decoration combining colors

If you choose a single base color then you can mix different hues, saturations and highlights. As in the example in the following photo, they have chosen bright green for the wall, pastel for the chairs and furniture, and darker tones for the accessories.

9- Eclectic Green Kitchens

Eclectic Green Monochrome Kitchens

Eclectic kitchen decor with neutral base

What they also do a lot is paint the walls and ceiling in neutral tones, such as white, and give color to the furniture. This is always a success, but if you want to give it a twist you can do it the other way around, put white furniture and add color by painting the walls.

10- Decorating small eclectic kitchens

Once you know the 3 essential keys that decorators use for eclectic kitchens, what do you think if you take a look at how they decorate small kitchens. Because the photos of American interior designers are super cool, but those kitchens take up almost half of my floor..

Eclectic small kitchens photos

Small kitchen with eclectic retro decor

In small kitchens you have to avoid overdoing the color, it is fine to give brushstrokes, but not saturate too much so that it does not overwhelm.

Here there is more to play with the pots and appliances. Nowadays they make very nice vintage style dinnerware, pans and pots, which work just as well for ceramic hobs because the technology is the same, the only thing that changes is the design.

Eclectic kitchens little tricks to decorate them

Eclectic Kitchens Small Vintage Appliances

Eclectic Style Vintage Small Kitchens

Eclectic Pastel Kitchens

Another option is to have the cabinets open and decorate with pastel colored plates, which are very vintage. In very small kitchens it makes them appear much larger by not subtracting visual space.