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Essential Decor and Furniture Keys for Eclectic Halls

The eclectic is becoming more and more, it is a current of free decoration that allows you to combine furniture and accessories from any era and style. You can design an eclectic style hall by fusing a modern background with rustic furniture and retro objects, a crazy mix that is incredible.

In this article we are going to see super cool ideas for eclectic hallways with the most important tips and tricks that professional decorators use, and the furniture that cannot be missing to follow the latest trends of 2021.

The keys to decorating eclectic hallways

How to decorate an eclectic rustic hall

There are 3 keys that if you follow them you will get a fantastic result, they are the main focus where you put your attention and resources. They are also within the reach of all pockets, do not think that you will need a lot of money, on the contrary, this style has the advantage that it consists of recycling old things.

Fusion of styles, eras and textures

Eclectic vintage hallways hacks

Vintage eclectic hallways fusion of styles

The first key is the essence of the eclectic decoration of houses and the basis of all the design that we are going to develop. Merge, mix and match, but not crazy, always with pleasure.

Unlike any other style, here you can mix various decorative styles and from any era . You can put a rustic wooden table with a minimalist painting and a vintage lamp.

You can also combine all kinds of textures to project a richer and more diverse environment. Worn woods, polished woods, metals, plants, everything that creates contrast is welcome.

Neutral background in small eclectic hallways

Minimalist modern eclectic hallways

If you have a small hall and you want to decorate it in an eclectic style, it is a great idea that the predominant background is painted in soft colors, such as white, cream or light gray. The whiter the greater the feeling of spaciousness.

Do not fill the walls with paintings and accessories either, because you will get the opposite effect. You can color with accessories and plants, and hang mirrors to make the space appear larger.

Decorating a small eclectic hall

Eclectic Nordic-style hallways

It is true that one of the characteristics of this style are the bright colors and the pictures hanging on the walls, but in the case of hallways, the rules change if it is small.

Eclectic hallway decorated with paintings on the walls

On the other hand, if this restriction is large, you can skip it.

Don’t get too saturated with colors

Eclectic Beach Style Foyer

Eclectic Classic Style Hallways With Plants

The third key is preceded by the second. The idea of ​​a neutral background is to allow you to add color with the furniture and accessories, but without going overboard.

Entering the house and receiving a slap of color in a small space is stressful, better reserve it for the living room where the effect is much more striking. The hall has to be a flatter space, with small touches of bright colors.

Furniture in an eclectic style hall

Here is the list of essential furniture in eclectic style hallways that are most popular this 2021. It is not necessary to put them all, but you choose according to the size and type of hall you have.

Vintage wooden table

Decorating minimalist eclectic hallways with a table

The table is the quintessential piece of furniture in a hall, especially if you don’t have space for more. It is used to leave the keys and anything you need, and to decorate with pictures, plants and lamps.

The table can be replaced by a bench or any object that can do a similar function.

Mirror on the table

A mirror above a bench in an eclectic hall

If you have a table, you can put a mirror on it, which will visually enlarge the hall and reflect you so that you can look at yourself before leaving home.

A plant that adds color

Plants bring joy, in a study it was shown that people improve their mood in nature. You can bring a little piece of the forest by placing a nice plant that adds color.

A little piece of you

It is your home and it has to reflect your personality. What better place than the hall to place personal or personalized items. It can be photos, your name in wooden letters, travel memories, the book you like the most, motivational phrases.

From here you can complement the hall with the things that you like the most, such as a rug, a coat rack that is of a different style from the rest and stands out above all else, a cool lamp. Take a look at the photos and use them for inspiration and ideas.