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Fantastic Tips for Decorating Eclectic Living Rooms

Today we are going to see more than 20 ideas with photos of decoration of eclectic living rooms, so you can decorate yours like the professionals. It is a very particular style with its own personality, a mixture of concepts and trends that is far from the conventional with spectacular visual contrasts.

Being an open concept that allows you to break the rules like no other style can do, many people believe that eclectic decoration is about combining new things with vintage things. But it goes further, it requires a certain discipline that, when carried out well, achieves effervescent results.

That’s why here are the essential keys to decorate eclectic-style living rooms in 2021.

Rooms with eclectic decoration: The 3 keys of interior designers

It is a more complicated style to master than others, as there are no official rules, there are no step-by-step manuals. Achieving the perfect balance between order and chaos with its contrasts consists of visual education, seeing photos and knowing the tricks that interior designers use.

Decorators use color a lot

Eclectic lounges with pops of color

Intense reds combined with bright turquoise, emerald greens with golds, and colorful yellows accompanied by orange backgrounds. Color is a fundamental part of this style, especially in eclectic rooms full of life and energy.

Eclectic style living rooms color combinations

Eclectic living room decor with bright color contrasts

Some minimalist decorators are taking it towards more contemporary tones with grays and whites as protagonists. But in the true eclectic spirit, intense colors are irreplaceable, they must be present, even in small details.

This does not mean that you turn your living room into a disco, far from it. You can paint the walls white and introduce the color in some furniture, a carpet, pictures or decorative objects.

Merging is the basis of the eclectic style living rooms

Vintage eclectic living room fusion of styles

Mix styles in vintage eclectic living rooms

Mixing decorative and current styles from different eras is the fundamental pillar, but you have to do it well. The interior designers choose a specific style as the background, and fuse other styles by giving touches with some furniture and accessories.

Actually it can be done in many ways, but this is the best way not to fail if you do not have several projects behind you.

Choose for example industrial decoration and put a vintage sideboard, or choose modern minimalist decoration with a rustic wooden table. You can merge three or four styles and eras, but always one as a base on which to build the others.

Decoration of an eclectic industrial living room

Rustic eclectic style living room

Retro eclectic style living room decor

Eclectic living room fusion of victorian styles

The advantage of this is that the living room can be dominated by the style that you like the most, but without limiting yourself to it, something that does not happen with any other style. In this way you can get a very personal, memorable and special decoration, it will be unique, you will not see it in catalogs or magazines, because it is a reflection of your personality, your experiences, your travels.

The walls take center stage

Living rooms with eclectic decoration cannot be without walls full of life, no matter how, but large smooth walls you will never see in an eclectic room.

Eclectic retro style living room

You can fill it with pictures, photos, decorative accessories and accessories. The windows themselves also count, bookcases, brick walls, plants. It is not so important what is decorating the wall, but the wall cannot be bland, it has to be part of the decoration.

Eclectic decor lounge with large bookcase

Modern eclectic living rooms decorating tips

Living rooms with eclectic decor with wall paintings

How to decorate a small eclectic living room

Now that you know the three keys that decorators use, let’s see ideas to decorate a small eclectic living room so you can get inspired and leave yours as if you were a professional.

  • Vivid and contrasting colors
  • Merge styles and eras
  • Decorate the walls too

A small eclectic living room doesn’t need to be cluttered with furniture and accessories to the brim.

Put a sofa with some color, either in the upholstery, the cushions or some superimposed blanket. Choose a vintage or metallic coffee table, a shaggy or colored rug, and bold wall frames.

Small living rooms pretty eclectic decor

Modern small eclectic living room decoration keys

Ideas to decorate a small living room eclectic vintage style

Tiny Eclectic Living Room Decorating Ideas

Eclectic living rooms little decorating tricks

The idea is to mix and match pieces that contrast between them, but taking into account that they have to have a common thread for them to marry.

With a neutral background and intense colors in some furniture or accessories, effects are achieved that surprise and fill the living room with life.

Eclectic living room with neutral background and yellow furniture