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Eclectic Bedrooms Decoration Keys and Tips

Do you like to write your own rules and mix styles when decorating? Well, this guide to decorating eclectic bedrooms is perfect for you. The main idea of ​​the eclectic is the freedom to merge and combine styles and eras in the same room.

Since there are no rules, it is easy to find space to put that incredible memory of your last vacation, or to mix modern objects with vintage pieces. In essence, the eclectic style of decoration consists of expressing yourself as you want without fear of being wrong.

Eclectic Style Bedroom Decorating Guide

To decorate eclectic rooms you must find a balance between what you like and what your bedroom really needs, because even if it is a free style you have to avoid chaos.

Here are the keys to interior designers to create a perfect eclectic bedroom.

Orderly style fusion

Eclectic bedroom decor blending styles

Decorative styles in an eclectic rustic bedroom

Eclectic decorating styles in small bedrooms

As you already know, the essence of this style is to mix and fuse, but an order must be followed so that the combination of all the elements is spectacular.

Each element must have a purpose, it must be there for a reason, and when you mix decoration pieces of very different styles it is better to create transitions from one to the other. Interior designers group styles together instead of creating a hodgepodge of things.

Consistent color palette

Combine colors in eclectic rooms

Use of color in eclectic bedroom décor

A great way to bring the different elements together is with a color palette that matches and is nice. Color is almost mandatory in eclectic style bedrooms, but the set has to be consistent , it is not about setting up a traveling fair.

Try not to exceed three or four predominant colors, and that all are of a similar luminosity and intensity. All pastel shades, or all vibrant shades. You can add color to the walls, to the sheets and bedspread, to the pillows and the curtains. There is nothing forbidden as long as you do it in moderation.

Symmetry for attractive environments

Eclectic bedroom decor in orange

Eclectic bedrooms giving symmetry with color

Visual symmetry always draws attention, human beings love it by nature. And although the eclectic decoration does not know of order, a subtle symmetry can be achieved thanks to the colors.

Linking the previous key, to get a room with a more orderly and attractive environment, you have to repeat the same colors in several different places. It is a way to achieve symmetry without being too corseted, but they have to be exact colors or very similar.

Mixing textures

Decorate an eclectic room with a mix of textures

Fusion of textures in an eclectic bedroom

Eclectic yellow bedroom

Mixing many colors or many styles can saturate the bedroom, reaching something that we do not want. But with the textures it does not happen, the textures are perfect to achieve bedrooms with eclectic decoration in a fluid way without overloading.

A soft shaggy rug, a rustic wooden bedside table, a modern bed, a metal industrial design lamp. Combining textures is a wonderful way to give a room an exceptional eclectic approach.

Neutral background to focus intensity

Bedrooms with modern eclectic decor

Eclectic style rooms in neutral colors

Decorate room eclectic style in white

This key is optional if you do not like to saturate the bedroom too much, because we must not forget that we slept in it, and part of spectacular it also has to be to relax.

A neutral background allows you to add nice touches of color to cushions, textiles, and some furniture. Professional decorators use white and light gray a lot in small bedrooms, and warm tones and yellows in larger bedrooms.

In an eclectic bedroom, less is more

Modern minimalist eclectic bedrooms

Decorate eclectic bedroom with log headboard

Modern eclectic decor bedroom

Many people believe that when decorating eclectic bedrooms you have to fill everything with things. But this is not true, it is not necessary to saturate the spaces. It is not so important what you put in, but what you put in and how you do it.

Do not be obsessed with buying things of all kinds, put only those pieces that make you fall in love. You will see how good the bedroom is, reflecting your personality and mood.

An attention-grabbing focal point

Eclectic Chic-style bedrooms

Eclectic vintage retro bedrooms

Eclectic Bohemian-style bedrooms

This trick is not an option, it is a fact. Although you may not know it, there will be an object that will take all the attention of the room, where everyone will fix their eyes.

Knowing this, it is better that you be aware and choose the focal point yourself, because if it is surprising and exciting it will be much better. A spectacular chandelier, an original rustic dresser, a Victorian armchair.

There may be more than one focal point, but it is less stressful if there is only one, and that you focus your efforts on making it stand out in a harmonious way. You can aim the focus of a lamp, isolate it, surround it with objects that contrast with its color, its style or its time.

You already know the keys that designers use to decorate incredible eclectic bedrooms. It is not necessary that you follow them all to the letter, but if you merge different styles and textures, with a beautiful color palette giving touches of symmetry , without saturating it too much, and with a point that takes the eyes, the result will leave with open mouth to your guests.