12 Tips to Decorate Your Home According to Design Trends

Having a beautiful and cozy house is always fashionable. And options for styles and sources of inspiration abound.

Every season, trends emerge, and new colors stand out. The question may then arise: how to decorate my house in the face of so many proposals? And more, where to find (practically) different objects and furniture that are my dear?

Rest assured, today we will give you excellent tips on how to use interior design trends according to your personality and how to find the decoration elements easily and quickly. After all, with the rush we’re all in, there’s no time to waste. Come on!

Discover design trends and play

Architecture and design professionals always launch trends that make the mind of those who like to leave the house always beautiful and up-to-date with what’s hot. We highlight some of the news that is moving the world of decoration to take to your little corner. Check it out:

1- A jump in the past

Do you know that object you keep as a souvenir of your grandparents? Or even something you saw in an antique shop and found beautiful? That’s right, all of this can be part of your decoration project and add a touch of charm and nostalgia.

Retro colors (such as old rose), childhood photos, and vintage objects are decorating trends. It’s a way to bring warmth into the home and remember great moments from the past.

Old suitcases and trunks can be used as part of the furniture and typewriters to decorate tables and shelves. Now, if you need to use it in detail, it’s also interesting. Bet on photo frames, light fixtures, and small objects.

2- Green all over

It’s the turn of green in homes, both in plants and colors. The different shades of color are gaining prominence in the decor and refer to more retro styles and Scandinavian. You can apply it to furniture, countertops, upholstery, trousseau, and decorative items.

Concerning plants, feel free to take them to any room in the house. They make the environment closer, they are beautiful and sophisticated, they refresh the climate, and some believe that they renew the energy of the place.

The most recommended thing is to choose species that deal better with closed environments and do not need as much care, such as cacti, São Jorge swords, and succulents. If time is too short, bet on terrariums or pots scattered around the house.

3- Natural shapes and materials

The shapes most similar to what nature gives us are taking the place of straight and “perfect” lines. You must be wondering: how to decorate my house with these shapes? It’s hushed, and you can bet it looks very elegant.

Raw wood, natural stones, and marble are among the most sought-after materials by architects and interior designers. We can use them on tables, benches, paintings, and furniture as a whole.

Think about what type of adornment would be excellent for each room in your home, and there are several options on the market for all tastes!

4- Open Spaces

Houses entirely without internal walls and spacious and conjoined environments are making the minds of Brazilians. They are already a trend in some countries in Europe and the United States.

In addition to providing better use of the internal area of ​​the house, the open space brings a feeling of freedom, spaciousness, but in a welcoming way. When choosing this pattern for your home, pay attention to the harmony between the environments, which must be in tune as parts of a single visual project.

A great way to create minor divisions of space in an environment without walls is to invest in rugs and furniture varied in different parts of the domain.

5- Brick and wallpaper coating

Typical of the industrial decoration style, the exposed brick walls are on the rise. Combined with other more sophisticated elements, the elegance of the environment is guaranteed.

If you cannot make the natural flooring, an exciting option is to use wallpapers. They are practical to use and have a friendly price.

6- Adapt the styles to your personality

You have seen that decorating trends are the most diverse. And styles we also have a lot. The most significant thing is that your home’s visual design meets your tastes and stays as you’ve always wanted.

The tip, then, is to research each style, understand each decor proposal and adapt everything to your reality and preferences. You must keep in mind the harmony between the aesthetics and think about the decor plan as a whole. Thus, everything is up to you, and there is no risk of making mistakes in your choices.

7- Give decoration marketplaces a chance

With a busy routine and increasingly scarce time, practical shopping is always welcome. One alternative that is growing on the internet is marketplaces.

They are a kind of virtual mall, where suppliers and stores from different areas are concentrated. This business model offers several advantages for the consumer. Among the main ones are:

8- Classification by category

There’s no need to search the stores one by one to find the product you want. Items are divided into categories. This way, if you are going to buy a lamp, for example, your search results will show all the lights from all registered stores.

9- Products from different segments

We can find niche marketplaces or more versatile ones, bringing retailers from the most varied segments. Imagine being able to buy everything on just one platform. That’s what we’re talking about.

10- Time-saving

As you have multiple offers on the same platform, you don’t waste time looking for suppliers on numerous sites, and you don’t even spend hours walking around shopping malls.

11- More convenience to buy

In addition to finding all suppliers in one place, you can purchase only once, as all selected products will be placed in just one cart. Not to mention that delivery is the responsibility of the suppliers and you don’t have to take care of removing the items and transporting them.

12- Better Prices

When making your purchases online, you can save money on commuting, for example, and you still have contact with good cost-effective options. That’s because the suppliers are all gathered in one place, and choosing a more chic or more straightforward product is up to you!

Marketplaces are good resources for you to access differentiated products that are in line with decor and interior design trends. With the convenience of these platforms and the tips we brought you, you will never again think: “How to decorate my house is a lot of work!”.

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