10 Professional Tips to Decorate Rented Apartment

The big concern after renting a property is how to make the space cozy and pleasant without making significant investments that cannot be recovered. After all, the decoration should preferably be removable in case of changes.

Often, these spaces have some restrictions, but some secrets make it possible (and viable) to leave your home with your personality. Check out some tips on how to decorate a rented apartment below:

1- Multifunctional furniture

Tip number 1, and the most important of them, is to buy furniture with standard measurements and available on the market, which can be easily adapted to other environments. Also, look for furniture that is versatile and has more than one function.

In this case, the bar trolley is an excellent example of multifunctional furniture, which can assume its traditional function, being a decorative piece and even a nightstand. The keyword, in this case, is creativity!

2- Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl coverings are a great alternative if the floor of your property does not like you or is not in good condition, as they have a multitude of possibilities and do not require a significant renovation. In addition, they can be installed in up to 3 days and are more cost-effective than ceramic or laminate floors.

3- Colored Walls

A little touch of color makes all the difference, but take it easy! When delivering your property to the owner, the color of the walls should be the same as when you received it, so opt for softer tones that won’t need several coats of paint to be covered.

The paint provides different effects on the walls, such as geometric designs and color mixing, allowing the space to gain more life and personality.

4- Wallpapers

The wallpapers are also suitable for those who do not want to change the original colors of the property. An important tip is to choose adhesive models, which are easy to apply (you can apply them using the proper glue) and do not cause significant damage to the walls when removed.

5- Lighting

Stick to the existing electrical wiring (and load distribution on the electrical panels), and avoid implementing new points as much as possible. Good alternatives in case of few spots are lampshades and floor lamps.

For those who want to invest a little more in lighting, it’s worth betting on the apparent electrical part, which composes very well with the industrial style, is a practical solution, and has an excellent cost-benefit ratio. In this case, hire an outstanding professional to perfect the execution.

6- Frames

Using paintings and posters to decorate your rental property is simple, accessible, and quick to perform. But what about the holes in the walls? Easy! Replace the drill with double-sided tape (in this case, opt for lighter frames) and make a composition with smaller frames.

The paintings can be in any room, but the ideal wall is the one you see right when you walk into the room. Also, look for a certain similarity between the frames and their frames by color, style, or size.

7- Plants

Plants, plants, and more plants! Another quick and affordable tip that will go a long way towards transforming your home. Green can be just a touch in the corner of the room, vertical mini gardens, or for the most enthusiastic, even entire walls! And, for sure, it will bring an immediate feeling of joy and liveliness into the room.

8- Pallets in the decoration

Pallets are used initially in the industry for stocking and transporting goods, but with suitable materials, they can be transformed into beautiful furniture and create innovative environments.

They are easy to handle. They are a good choice for those who do not want to invest and can be executed in the best “do it yourself” style. Its dimensions are a negative point, as its standard is usually 1.00m x 1.20m, making it challenging to adapt to microscopic environments.

9- Macaws

As stated in the first topic, custom-made furniture is not always the best option. If your rental property doesn’t have custom cabinets and you don’t want to invest in the furniture available on the market, don’t despair! Macaws, when well-chosen, in addition to being practical, can become decorative items.

Opt for the unconventional ones, with some differentiated design, and they will undoubtedly give a more contemporary touch to the environment. Some indicated materials are metallic or PVC pipes, bamboo, and chains.

10- Curtains and Rugs

Curtains and rugs are great for hiding the small details that you don’t like in the rental property. In addition to being easy to establish and sustain, they can be removed later without significant difficulties. These are items that give life and personality to the environment, making the space cozier.

Whatever your choice when decorating a rented apartment, it is always important to pay attention not to damage the property and incur an extra expense when returning it.

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