12 Makeup Wallpaper Furniture-creative DIY Ideas

After decorating and sublimating its walls with wallpaper, the film is far from exhausted! So what about the waterfall? As we have seen through the idea of ​​dedicated to recycled decoration, nothing is thrown away, everything can be recycled! Target? Create a unique interior whose decoration is not only good for the budget, but also good for the environment! Ordinary or patterned, panoramic or single, graphic or romantic wallpapers are both pasted on our skins and on our forgotten furniture. In our article today, it is beyond the usual scope of use and may surprise you. Therefore, without further ado, here is how to modify furniture with wallpaper immediately and effortlessly!

1- Creative, economical DIY ideas, use wallpaper to transform furniture

One of your furniture looks gray. Do you plan to throw it away? Not so fast! At Deavita.fr, we like the decoration in the wallpaper fragments and all the work related to it and the house. We will once again show you how to make abandoned furniture a second life without wasting paper without spending too much. Confetti. cellar! A variety of patterns can not only revitalize your small furniture, but also revitalize all your interior decorations.

2- Personalized headboard wallpaper

Unlike paint, wallpaper is more than just wall covering. With its rich textures and fashionable patterns, it allows you to personalize and write scripts for each interior decoration. Therefore, it is very suitable to enhance the bedroom, more precisely to raise the headboard. Therefore, if you want to transform or even personalize your product, please copy an idea!

Roll one end and line up the wooden boards or the wall behind the bed to illuminate the entire sleeping area in the blink of an eye! Don’t miss you, consider matching the pattern of the wallpaper with other interior decorations. Finally, when wallpaper scraps bring you a variety of decorative boldness, why bother to spend money on expensive paint to repaint the headboard?

3- Dress up the family wardrobe with wallpaper

Abandoned, your old wardrobe looks gray? In order to give the second youth, you must pay special attention to the choice of patterns when considering the final rendering. For example, if this is a showcase remodel, you may want to display your favorite dishes or bottles of wine on it. However, does the pattern of the latter match the pattern of the selected wallpaper? With this in mind, you can bet on a single theme or mix the wallpapers together.

First of all, we must first measure the size of the backrest of the cabinet. Transfer the size to the back of the wallpaper, then apply glue on the backing. On the latter, place the first length and roll it down to remove air bubbles. Use a wet sponge to remove excess glue. After the folder is covered with wallpaper, put it back in the cabinet. Then measure the size of the cabinet door, transfer it to the wallpaper, and cut the length. Apply glue on the door and place them one by one to avoid forgetting to level the bubbles and clean up the excess bubbles.

4- Wallpaper scraps add vitality to the drawer

Wardrobes, cabinets or chests of drawers, they all have one thing in common: drawers. In order to inspire the latter, we again rely on fragments of wallpaper. You only need to align the bottom or inside of them as needed. In order to obtain a harmonious rendering effect, you can choose a patchwork pattern by combining several different wallpapers. Multiple colors or the same hue, it’s up to you to choose. After the renovation, the drawers full of wallpaper will make you fall in love with the forgotten furniture again!

As far as DIY is concerned, the brave one can try to modify the outer edges of the drawer. This decorative trick is expected to transfer the wardrobe from its usual function and transform it into distinctive designer furniture.

5- The wallpaper is also decorative on the outer wall of the dressing room

Decorating the closet with wallpaper allows you to try the wonderful idea of ​​DIY. However, she is not the only one! Economical and beautiful, wallpaper has the potential to cover all our furniture and personal belongings. In the next tutorial, we show you how to use it on the outer wall of the dressing room. Give full play to your creativity, you can easily decorate these patterns on patterned wallpaper to illuminate the bedroom. When laying the length, pay attention to the connection between the doors. If you have a picturesque waterfall, please take this opportunity to change the back of the room. While trees, flowers or animals are energizing the room, these patterns will immediately come to life on the blank bottom of the furniture.

6- Wallpaper adds fun to the stairs

Many times, we neglected the staircase decoration. However, since it is usually placed in an important place in the house, it is important to pay attention to its appearance. Then, we use the fragments of wallpaper lying nearby since the last living room renovation to end the mediocre staircase. In order to get a super stylish mismatch effect, we mix print and color together. Finally, we covered them with acrylic panels to make the stairs more decorative!

7- Wallpaper to create a playful storage box

Isn’t it enough to decorate furniture with wallpaper? Therefore, deal with small decorations scattered in the indoor space. In the example above, the white storage box is well covered by geometric patterned wallpaper. result? Practical and beautiful storage with personality! After the white box, another item that needs to be changed is the old breakfast plate. Use a few strips of wallpaper, carpet the background, and camouflage the damaged area. To make it more inspiring, you can draw its edges. In addition to your drinks, this tray can also store your magazines and newspapers.

8- Wallpaper to decorate IKEA furniture

As can be seen from the IKEA furniture we selected, there are many DIY custom IKEA furniture ideas: painting, changing handles, tape or decorative decals. Whether it is a Kallax TV cabinet, a chest of drawers, an IKEA children’s bed or a Hemnes bookcase, the wallpaper scraps allow you to personalize each IKEA furniture without having to go through the sanding box. Do you dream of a luxurious coffee table with gray marbled white marble countertops? Don’t make mistakes for spending big money on famous furniture! To make a charming model, all you need is an IKEA steel coffee table with a clean white top and marble-effect wallpaper.

Does your funding in the Hams Library look grim? Covering them with wallpaper not only makes them full of energy, but also adds color to the entire interior design without spending too much money. The colorful backgrounds and shelves are full of wild patterns, and the wallpaper is perfect for imagining your IKEA bookcase or dressing table from a new perspective.

Thanks to the broken wallpaper, you can also remodel the living room table, refrigerator, dining room chair, office cupboard or even an inner door. Slideshow!

9- Behind the table

Behind the table, it’s the chair’s turn to decorate the wallpaper.

10- Transform it into an office

Wallpaper, used to customize the closet and transform it into an office.

11- Interior Doors

Wallpaper for decorating interior doors.

12- Coffee Table

Wallpaper transformation for coffee table.

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