12 Fall Inspirations and Trends That Will Transform Your Home

Fashion trends can be applied to furniture and decorative objects. When temperatures drop, as in autumn or winter, the color tones, texture, and material accompany this change. It’s worth looking for the inspirations and trends of fall 2021, not to be left out of what’s coming to make your home stylish and trendy.

Therefore, we selected the main elements, colors, and prints that will accompany the universe of decoration this season. Check out!

1- Abstract inspiration

Inspired by abstract art brings a touch of fun to the decor. In season, geometric shapes can appear colored or in blocks. It is an excellent alternative for those looking to add a touch of personality to the house and arouse emotions.

2- Simplicity and relax

The Scandinavian style is trending for Autumn 2021, bringing a calmer and more cozy feel. Create spaces with a special touch to relax and recharge your energy. Invest in a color palette that evokes tranquility, with earthy tones and blue.

3- Real comfort is the priority

On cold days, the sofa is our favorite place to stay warm at home and relax. So don’t be afraid to overuse the layers of comfort, such as blankets, pillows, beanbags, throws, rugs, and upholstered chairs.

Pompous furniture aiming for maximalism is the ball of choice. But comfort must be the keyword to guide the selection of every detail. The best colors to create this effect are the most natural and organic. Mixing calm blues with warmer grays, brown and pink mixtures are also a sure bet.

4- Eclectic glamor

The retro trend in 2020 remains strong in the fall of 2021 but gains a touch of glamour. Mix a bit of the elegance of the 30s with the grandeur of the furniture of the 70s and 20s. The colors follow a palette with royal blue, ruby, ocher, rosé, bronze, and metallic tones. Transform your decor into an actual magazine cover.

5- Japan

Japanese culture can invade homes this autumn, whether in the textures, motifs, prints, and shapes of furniture—Mix Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian simplicity. Your home will have a clean, cozy feel and transmit tranquility.

6- Colors

The autumn colors are very characteristic and combine with the yellowish tint that the leaves gain, the falling rain, and paler days.

Woody tones such as brown, brown, and earth will come back strongly, along with green, especially moss and pale, which give the impression of a faded leaf. Gray should also appear in all its variations, but remember to create comfortable surroundings with this shade. The off-white is enough to give a more vintage touch to the decor, and the dark blue comes in full force!

But we cannot leave out the new colors in the autumn palette in 2021, such as pink, purple, deeper red, black and white.

7- Prints

Prints are also part of the autumn decoration, but they differ from the cheerful and flashy prints of the warm seasons.

Chess never goes out of style and will be very present this year. Invest in sofa blankets, pillow covers, tablecloths, decorative details that can be easily changed, as your house will be renovated when the season changes, right?

The animal print also arrives as a trend this season. Furs in synthetic materials are found to bring warmth and coziness to homes. The leopard print with its golden skin is the most suitable for cold days, as it transmits warmth and shines to the environment. Invest in comforters, quilts, pillows, and rugs.

8- Textures

As comfort is the buzzword, it’s valid to use and abuse everything cozy, such as wool, flannel, and knitted fabrics. But remember that these fabrics need more attention when cleaning, as they collect a lot of dust.

Another exciting texture for this season is marble and copper, which will leave the traditional furniture and floor finishes to appear in cabinet details and even wallpapers.

9- Materials

Again, the word comfort should be your guide, so invest in materials that bring that feeling. Wooden furniture helps to warm the environment. Leather and velvety fabrics contribute to the surface of warmth and bring sophistication to the room – they can be applied to upholstery and chairs.

Create environments suitable for the season, investing in rugs, pillows, and sofas next to each other. Try to create intimate spaces, typical of movies and magazine covers, where you will receive friends and enjoy a good wine.

Decorative candles are great for lighting your home, especially in the fall when days are shorter and nights are longer, so having candles in your home helps save energy. They bring comfort, and there are very delicate and aromatic models.

10- Monochromatic kitchens

Traditional white kitchens are on the verge of disappearing and make room for bold and colorful versions, where monochromatic is the buzzword. The color combinations in the cabinets go away and bring standardization in a single, more robust, and more imposing tone. In autumn, the season’s colors are great to be used in the kitchen, such as moss green, deeper red, and earthy tones.

11- Disruptive patterns

The stripes are timeless prints, but in the fall of 2021, they appear in disruptive patterns. They will be present on rugs, doormats, and pillow covers.

They are excellent to complement the decoration of different environments, such as living rooms, bedrooms, and leisure spaces.

12- Natural elements bring organic aesthetics

Wood, plants, and animals are natural elements and will be hot in the autumn 2021 decor. It is an aesthetic that refers to the organic and breaks the hardness and coldness of gray concrete, especially in urban centers.

Invest in wood in light tones, as in floors, as it warms and balances the environment.

But after all, how to combine all these new features in your decor?

That’s a lot of information, and you need to choose the one that suits you best to create compositions.

So, concerning the prints, choose a primary color for the environment, overlay the light and dark tones, and separate three or four different patterns with the same theme.

About textures, think the same way: choose a surface that will be the center of attention and combine it with other more neutral and smooth ones.

For furniture, choose a piece that will stand out and accompany it with other furniture with less flashy material, such as MDF wood.

Seek to combine the season’s trends with your taste so that the space follows the main one of them all: comfort and coziness!

Autumn is coming and bringing decor trends with it. Many excellent ideas will leave your house full of style and fashion. Try to combine them so that the elements are harmonious and your personality is present in every corner of your home. Comfort is the buzzword, so try to choose what attracts you the most and what brings you the most peace and tranquility!

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