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Kitchen Curtains Inspirations

The curtains make the kitchen cosy and more like the social areas of the house. Find out how to do it!

Gathering family or friends in the kitchen these days is more than just sitting down and eating: it’s a time to unite around one of the most basic activities we perform on a daily basis and which can have a lot of meaning, so it should be trendy and attractive. Cooking is delicious and, nowadays, highly valued with the high of gourmet dishes made at home. Therefore, kitchen decor has become even more important – and among so many details, kitchen curtains are highlighted.


Decorating this environment is often a pretty straightforward task. We think well about coverings, especially those that are in the range between the sink and upper cabinets; we plan cabinets; we choose colours for each piece of furniture there to transform the home decor. Many people let the curtains pass, both because they don’t remember them and because they are afraid of the smell of smoke and grease that can so easily permeate the fabrics.


It is true that the curtains in this case need special treatment. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there. Let’s prove they’re worth having at home!

The role of the curtains

The role of the curtains

We can say that curtains fulfil two important roles in the kitchen. In essence, they dress the windows of the room. That’s where the functionality comes in: they guarantee privacy by blocking the view and blocking some of the light, making the space more pleasant in moments of high sun.

In addition, with their fabrics, colours and prints that can be harmonized in different ways with the rest of the décor, they give that charming touch that can differentiate your kitchen from all others. As they are more common in living rooms and bedrooms, visitors are still surprised to find kitchens with curtains.

They may appear in windows near the benches. They are also well used when kitchens have access to the outdoor area, whether it is a garden or a gourmet porch. Thus, they also separate the two environments.

Curtain or blind?

Curtain or blind 1

The question that arises when choosing to install curtains for kitchens is between choosing them or betting on the blinds. The main difference between the two is the closure system and the material. The most common curtains (with the exception of the roller) open and close vertically and are made of fabric. They are more versatile and visually classic, depending on the fabric used and its print.

Curtain or blind 2

The blind, mainly for the kitchen, is made of more resistant materials and fulfils a more functional role than a decorative one. There are indeed beautiful models on the market, enriching the appearance of a more modern kitchen in versions such as the aluminium one, for example.

We can say that the choice also involves practicality (blinds) versus cosiness (curtains). The blind may be preferred at times – for example, thinking about how easy it is to clean, considering that a kitchen is a place that accumulates smoke and grease from the stove. Generally, a cloth with water and light or even dry product, depending on the material of the blind, will already do the maintenance.

On the other hand, the curtain needs to be removed and washed. The golden tip to use them at home is to opt for synthetic fabrics. They offer good resistance to withstand more frequent washing. In addition to the common open-and-close models, elegant Roman and roller blinds can also be an interesting option for windows away from the stove.

Curtain or blind 3

It’s more common to find roller blinds in this environment than the open and close ones, but that doesn’t mean you should choose them. When it comes to choosing one or the other, it’s up to the decorating maxim: go with your taste! Large window for the outdoor area, with large patterned curtains.

The solar screen

The solar screen

The discussion about what kind of element to use in windows also involves the solar screen. Have you ever heard of her? Simply put, it’s a kind of curtain fabric, specially created to optimize protection from the sun. Among kitchen curtains, it is one of the most suitable. Solar screens are manufactured with a technology that allows visibility from the other side, without darkening the environment. Natural lighting remains pleasant, while the fabric reduces the strength of UV rays.

The advantage of each material

The advantage of each material 1

Curtain materials can vary greatly, as can their shapes and designs. The preference is for the fabrics to be light and resistant. We have also commented that synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are the best option when it comes to practicality. After all, is always exposed to grease and smoke, they are washed more often than in other environments. This easy maintenance is a hands-on routine.

The advantage of each material 2

In the case of blinds, we find everything: metallic, PVC, artificial fibres… in this case, the preference for maintenance is for metallic ones, but the difference is not so big. One option is to invest in polyester models with antistatic treatment, which prevents the material from accumulating dust and grease.

Calculating the amount of fabric

Calculating the amount of fabric

The size of the kitchen will depend a lot on where it will be placed. On the countertops, for example, they will always be short, without disturbing the movement and contact with the food. There are even those who invest in a type of curtain that covers only half of the window, when it is in front of the sink, as a kind of sun protection.

In general, the amount of fabric is calculated in order to allow the creation of a hem and head in the curtain. Therefore, the purchased fabric will always have approximately 60cm more in relation to the height of the window, with the idea of the bar not touching the countertop. This is an issue that does not apply in the same way to blinds and darling roller-type curtains, which can be pulled up to avoid contact with water and food.

Rod or rail?

Rod or rail

This question involves the aesthetics and size of the walls where the window is. If it is surrounded by cabinets, you can opt for the rail, which is more integrated around it. If a curtain is made, it’s even better, as it can be made of plaster or wood and have a finish similar to that of cabinets. The disadvantage of this method, mainly because of this trick that hides the tracks, is the price.

If the intention is to make the curtain without spending too much, the rod becomes a better option: it is cheaper, easier and faster to install. The problem is space. It requires a 20 to 30 cm overhang in relation to the width of the window, where the fabric is pulled with the curtain open. Therefore, in cases such as the cabinets involving it, it may not be possible to use it.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 1

Every colourful kitchen is a charm! As the floor already had designs and the cabinets were colourful, the residents decided to install a more neutral roller curtain. The material matches the wooden shelves.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 2

The kitchen’s large windows face a rustic-style dining counter. To complete the combo and avoid strong sunlight at times like lunch, the bet was again on neutral curtains.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 3

To match the light atmosphere of the kitchen, the window was dressed with white Roman-style curtains.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 4

In another environment, the choice of curtains for the kitchen was the role model, with sun protection.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 5

You can take advantage of the fabrics present in the kitchen to break sober tones with stronger ones. That’s what the residents did in this environment, with stripes at the table and red plaid on the curtain.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 6

The curtain prints don’t have to be shocking. The model with green and white print is delicate and combines with the atmosphere of connection with the nature of the environment.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 7

The orange flower pattern adds a fun touch to the white kitchen!

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 8

You can choose cabinets with a finish that matches the colour of the curtains, or you can do the opposite, choosing a curtain that matches their shade.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 9

Black and white were the chosen colours for the curtains, helping to break the green of the cabinets and walls.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 10

These shutters in wood effect finished with gray ribbons.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 11

In the project by the architect Juliana Pippi, the metallic shutter completes the environment with its style and practicality.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 12

Betting on the blinds guarantees a super adaptable project, where you control the amount of light received by the environment.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 13

Roman blinds are popular mainly for their lightweight.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 14

The square print recalls the effect of hydraulic tiles, often used in this region of the wall in front of the sink!

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 15

The curtain complements the decor, with all the personality of the gray tone!

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 16

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! You can combine kitchen curtains with patterned wallpaper and tiles.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 17

The crochet at the top of the window helps to filter out the early afternoon sun.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 18

This project is a good example of a window with curtains for kitchens, using a rod.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 19

In white, it is camouflaged between the wall and the ceiling detail. If you prefer to take the pole, you can opt for metallic models that match the cabinet handles and even use coloured versions.

Kitchen Curtains Inspirations 20

The large windows in the kitchen, living room and living room have curtains. To make the environment more comfortable, with a social footprint, the chosen fabric is a lighter one, which goes to the floor.