Learn How to Use Scandinavian Design Style in Decor

Scandinavian Design Style in Decor 1

The style combines good taste and elegance in an austere environment.

Have you ever heard of Scandinavian Design? Well, know that he is making the most significant success in the decoration area. Its aesthetic, considered light and precise, is capable of making any environment more sophisticated and inviting. Please find out the style characteristics and see how to apply them in every room in the house.

Give your home the charm of Scandinavian style.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe, where countries such as Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark are located. The winter is usually quite harsh and dark, so the need to create a design capable of optimizing the entry of light into homes arose. The style was called Scandinavian.

Scandinavian design was developed in the 20th century to minimize the harm caused by Scandinavia’sScandinavia’s cold and dark periods.

The style had as its primary reference the house of the Swede Carl Larsson. The artist insisted on portraying the environments of his residence in paintings. The illustrations showed well-lit and lively rooms, which even today serve as inspiration for interior design.

Scandinavian Style Characteristics

What is Scandinavian Design

Some elements cannot be missing in the Scandinavian style decor. Are they:

1 – Simple, essential, and cozy

1 – Simple, essential, and cozy

Simplicity is one of the main hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The style incorporates essential items in the decor and combats exaggeration. Each element seeks to enhance the cozy feeling and improve functionality.

2 – Neutral colors

2 – Neutral colors

The Scandinavian design proposes using light, neutral colors such as white, beige, and pastel tones. To break the monotony and add a contemporary touch to each room, it is recommended to use colors such as black and gray. Earthy tones are also welcome.

The combination of colors in the Scandinavian design should create a calm, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

3 – Materials

3 – Materials

Some materials help reinforce the aesthetics of the Scandinavian style, such as wood, leather, metal, glass, and ceramics. Other natural materials, such as linen and stone, help get rid of white’s coldness.

4 – Less is more

4 Less is more

Embrace minimalism to be able to appreciate the very best in the Scandinavian style. Remember that “less is more,” so don’t overdo the number of elements.

5 – Lighting

5 – Lighting

Bet on large windows, so that light will enter the rooms more efficiently. In addition to taking advantage of natural light, it’s also worth putting in place a good lighting design. Cord-hung lamps and large luminaires help to create a Scandinavian atmosphere.

6 – Furniture

6 – Furniture

Scandinavian furniture is simple, functional, and uses straight lines. They provide day-to-day practicality without compromising the beauty of the environment.

7 – Decorative objects

7 – Decorative objects

One way to end the feeling of emptiness and coldness of Scandinavian design is to invest in incredibly bright and striking colors.

Make use of paintings, fur blankets, pillows, rugs, and lamps. Beware of excess decorations, as environments with “a lot of visual information” do not fit the concept of Nordic design.

8 – Floor

8 – Floor

8 – Floor 1

The light wood floor sets up a beautiful contrast to the white elements.

9 – Prints

9 – Prints

Geometric prints are the most used, especially striped and chevron (zig-zag).

How to decorate the house with a Scandinavian design?

How to decorate the house with a Scandinavian design

See below for Scandinavian decorating tips for every room in the house:

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall 1

Decorate this space with a white dresser or sideboard. There is also the possibility of placing hooks on the walls to hang coats, bags, and umbrellas.

Scandinavian-style room

Scandinavian-style room 1

Scandinavian-style room 2

Scandinavian-style room 4

Scandinavian-style room 5

Optimized lighting, neutral tones, and comfortable rugs are a must-have in the Scandinavian bedroom. Pictures with dark frames are also welcome, as is wooden furniture.

Choose a bed linen model that emphasizes natural fabrics, such as the linen sheet and wool bedspread.

In the nursery, it is also possible to put Scandinavian design into practice. All you need to do is choose a very soft color palette that moves away from the traditional light blue or pink. The combination of white, mint green, and black is an excellent idea.

Scandinavian-style living room

Scandinavian-style living room 1

Scandinavian-style living room 2

Scandinavian-style living room 3

Scandinavian-style living room 4

You can’t be too careful not to leave the living room cold and uninteresting. Create a contrast using brown armchairs and patterned pillows. Don’tDon’t forget to include a rug in the decor, as it enhances the feeling of comfort.

Scandinavian-style dining room

Scandinavian-style dining room 1

Scandinavian-style dining room 2

Scandinavian-style dining room 3

Scandinavian-style dining room 4

To compose the Scandinavian-style dining room, bet on a simple wooden table and pretty chairs. Fancy lighting with a pendant and decorate the walls with pictures.

Scandinavian-style cuisine

Scandinavian-style cuisine

Scandinavian-style cuisine 2

Scandinavian-style cuisine 1

The Scandinavian kitchen has some striking features, such as light wood furniture, white walls, simple shelves, and unique light fixtures. Retro appliances are welcome, as is vintage furniture.

Scandinavian-style bathroom

Scandinavian-style bathroom

Scandinavian-style bathroom 1

Scandinavian-style bathroom 2

The Scandinavian style, when applied to the bathroom, values ​​a white environment. The monotony of color is broken only by a few objects, such as the wicker basket and towels.

Scandinavian-style office

Scandinavian-style office

Scandinavian-style office 2

Scandinavian-style office 1

Nordic style can also be present in the home office. For this, just bet on the assembly of a simple table with trestles. Don’tDon’t forget to include a comfortable chair and a beautiful lamp.

Enjoyed the Scandinavian design? We love this different style of decorating the house.

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