Elegant Urban Refuges to Get Inspired

The way you decorate the house influences not only the environment itself, but also your well-being.
That’s why we’ve put together 7 urban refuges that will inspire you. You don’t need to remodel the house, or completely change the decor you already have in each of the rooms. But that doesn’t stop you from being inspired by refuges that bring tranquility and, above all, that inspire change in your own home.

The urban refuges we have selected, no matter how different they are, have one element in common: the feeling of tranquility.

In fact, this is the feeling exalted and (practically) felt by anyone who appreciates these decorations. Whether these examples are reminiscent of the countryside or the city, the truth is that in all of them there is a feeling of peace and harmony that is not always achieved with decoration. It is also for this reason that it is so important to trust the opinion of professionals in the field, who know how to advise you on the best options for each specific case.

It was also for this reason that we have gathered the following refuges, which, in essence, combine all the essential components to bring harmony to your home and, above all, to inspire you to decorate your home in the same way.

1. Wood tones and country air

The Husarö house, by the architecture firm Tham & Videgård, is a reflection of the tranquility you get away from the big city centers. The predominance of the use of wood, which is found not only in the house’s partitions, but also in the floor and furniture, appeals to minimalism and to what can be done with so little. This is a great example of what a refuge can be, wherever it is.

2. Colors as a complement

It is called Bocaina Refuge and gives (same) name to this wonderful refuge, in addition to remembering the difference that the use of the right colors can make in interior decoration. This is one of those refuges that bet on a “base” color palette, in wood tones and even darker ones, complemented by several strong tones such as red, green and purple.

3. The minimalist architecture and decoration

The minimalist architecture is timeless and, from its exterior, it immediately makes us guess that this simplicity is maintained inside and that it extends to the decoration used. The Cannes House in Mexico, and so modern as you might think and combines the white and gray tones very intelligently, leaving space for notes on wood breathe. In fact, it is in the furniture that this combination is most seen.

4. Modernity as a refuge

There is no better example than Luigi Rosselli’s Pacific View Point House to illustrate the importance that modernism has for decor. Likewise, it is impossible not to feel the tranquility it brings to the home environment, reflected in the way the straight and curved lines coexist in each object (whether on the walls or furniture). The truth is that this is the perfect mirror of what any urban refuge should be, especially when the example in question leans over the ocean.

5. Hidden contemporaneity

Anyone who sees it from the outside doesn’t notice the contemporary harmony that exists inside the Windsor Road House. Apparently, it is a house like the others, which assumes the construction of brick without fear. However, and as appearances can be deceiving, the same scenario is not found after the entrance door, where you can see wood-covered rooms and where simplicity is king. This is also a good example of how the color black works in decoration, decorating various partition walls.

6. The urban refuge that doesn’t forget nature

Hidden among modern homes, The P House reminds us of the strength of modern architecture. It is built in several modules, favoring the surrounding nature and the garden that surrounds it. In the interior decoration, neutral tones predominate , especially grays and woods. This is one of those urban retreats that reminds us, too, of just how much carpeting can change a room’s decor—add to it’s life and personality.

7. Remodeling also counts

If we are talking about urban refuges, we must necessarily talk about the possibility that exists in renovating apartments. It is the example of this project, by 05 AM Arquitectura, which highlights the importance of interior decoration in a space. By rethinking the two floors of a small Parisian apartment with an attic, it was possible to marry elements in shades of white with wooden objects that, by themselves, fill any of the rooms.

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