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Exceptional Ideas to Decorate the Room With Books

If you’re a fan of books and don’t know where to put them anymore, think about doing it in the living room. We’ve put together some ideas you’ll like to know about to decorate the room with books. As a space for meeting and comfort, the room is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. In addition to inviting socializing, it is there that he often rests after a day’s work.

It’s for all these reasons, and a few more, that decorating the room with books is a great idea. In addition to being a very original decorating practice, it turns out to be useful at the same time.

Imagine yourself in your living room admiring your collection and being able to pick up a book at any time, without having to go to another room in the house to do so.

With the ideas we have gathered will want to even go further in the decor of your space and at is organizing pictures and photos in the room. I take a pen and a paper and point these ways to decorate the room with books.

1- Organize them on a shelf

It’s the simplest and most common way of decorating the room with books, but it’s no less original for that. There are different types of bookshelves you can choose from, but it’s important not to overdo their diversity.

Choose one that you identify with and that has enough capacity to store all your books. It is best to lean it against one of the walls of the room so that it does not compromise the rest of the decoration.

2- Stacked on the floor

Forget support tables and lower furniture. Stack books on the floor by size, color or category. It’s up to you, but if you do it next to a wall, you’ll like the result better.

We know it may seem like the most disorganized idea, but the truth is that this is one of the most original ways to decorate the room with books. You can even put plants or photos on top of each pile.

3- In a basket

Another way to decorate the room with books is to place them in one (or more) basket(s), which you can rest in any corner of the room. The choice is yours, but know that you can lean it against a wall, place it under a coffee table, or even close to the sofa.

4- About benches or chairs

If your home decor has a more rustic and even vintage style, this is one of the best ideas we can give you. Placing books on benches or chairs is a way of, in addition to decorating the space, to ensure that they do not take up too much space.

Note that any bench or chair can be used for this purpose. We can, therefore, speak of the individual ones or the ones run, which allow you to place even more books in an organized way.

5- In the stairwell or on a piece of furniture

Depending on the configuration of your home, this is an idea that you should not miss. For this reason, you can decorate the room by placing books in the stairwell or even with any furniture you have.

Of course, we are not talking exclusively about openings in the literal sense of the word, but also about empty spaces found in the furniture at home. That’s the way you can pick up a book to read at any time.

6- On the side table

It is very common to see support tables in the center of a room, often used to place magazines and even decorative objects. Well, why not also put books on this piece of furniture?

It’s one of the most common ways of decorating a room with books, it’s true, but it’s also one that offers the most organization. You can even keep the decoration you already had on the table, as the books will certainly match the created environment.

7- On shelves

There are shelves that, in addition to being beautiful, have very original shapes, which easily adapt to the room’s decor. Furthermore, they are very functional objects, which can be placed on the wall without much effort, offering a great solution for organizing your favorite books.

This is a way of decorating the room with books that suits all kinds of decorations, from the most modern to the most rural. In fact, you just need to choose the right color and material to complement your space.

You can therefore opt for wall-mounted shelves and/or shelves that resemble smaller shelves and hold fewer books than more conventional ones.

For this reason, forget about the idea that books are only kept in the office, because you have already noticed that they also work as decorative objects. If you want to go further and take a chance on decorating the rest of the house, venture into placing books in the kitchen and bathroom. You will see that you will not regret it.