10 Questions Answered About Wood Carpet Material

Popular all over the world, wooden carpet is an easy-to-apply floor covering and is very economical compared to others. Check some questions answered before changing the bottom of your house.

A wooden carpet is nothing more than a natural wood sheet. Some people tend to confuse it with the floor of the same name, but the two have significant differences.

The carpet, in turn, is glued with a fragile, natural-looking piece, pressed to a processed wood base, such as MDF, chipboard, and plywood. On the other hand, the floor is made of species such as ipê and oak (massive) and has a greater width than the planks.

There is no denying that the speed of application and the price of wooden carpeting attract the attention of those who wish to change the covering without spending too much. However, it is essential to talk about the disadvantages. One of them is related to low durability and low resistance to liquids such as water.

If you live in mountainous areas or places with a predominance of low temperature, you will like to have it in your house, as it gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Wooden Carpet Questions and Answers

1 – Since the wooden carpet has low water resistance, can I waterproof it?

Yes, but not on the final finish, that is, on the outside. Ideally, when the application process is carried out, a waterproofing product is added to the mortar. In this way, the floor’s interior is protected, as it is the main entry of moisture that is harmful to the coating.

2 – My house has high traffic, and I’m in doubt about the laminate or wood carpet for the flooring. Which of the two should I put?

The carpet scratches easily as a thin layer of processed wood is glued to it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support a high number of people traffic. Its lifespan is short! In general, laminates have a division — low, medium, and high — about support and the impact of people and external factors. So, in this case, opt for laminate.

3 – Can I apply it in any environment, be it commercial or domestic?

One of the advantages of wooden carpeting is its versatility. They can make any environment beautiful, sophisticated, and very elegant. No matter the place, it will always be a wildcard for the coating, in addition to being an excellent thermal insulator.

4 – Carpet covering cannot be cleaned with water. Is there any product suitable for use?

We’ve talked a few times here that it’s not a water-resistant coating, right? So, forget about the traditional soap and water for your cleaning. Add only a damp cloth and neutral products in the routine, such as detergent or white vinegar. Beware of thick bristle brooms; they can damage the floor. Go for the soft ones or the furry ones, okay?

5 – Why does this type of coating make a hollow noise?

When walking on this flooring, you may encounter a hollow sound. This is because it is not made of solid wood, that is, heavy and high-impact wood. It is made of wood with a thin layer. It cannot be used as an acoustic insulator. So, think again if you have pets or small children at home. The sound of objects falling to the ground can be a real nuisance.

6 – Can you apply wooden carpets in places like the kitchen and bathroom?

The bathroom is an environment with high humidity, and wooden carpeting is not recommended. Opt for tiled floors, such as porcelain or ceramic, for example. As for the kitchen, it can be used, yes. However, with some special care about washing — as we talked about in item 4. If you bet on this choice for the environment, get ready for a super modern and cozy place.

7 – How much does the price per m² cost?

The average price for wooden carpet is around R$ 40.00 m², an excellent cost-benefit compared to other wood options.

8 – Does the wooden carpet only match with rustic style interior design?

No, on the contrary! It matches all styles, from clean to boho, from contemporary to classic.

9 – What are the most suitable rooms for covering?

The rooms are the most suitable environments for wooden carpeting, as they are thermal insulators and protect from the cold coming from the ground.

10 – Can I apply alone?

Maybe yes! There are many options online. You can watch easy videos online for the carpet to be applied by itself without the help of a professional. 

What’s up? Have you ever had a floor that imitates wood in your home? If the answer is no, after this article it will be difficult not to choose this option.

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