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Get in Touch With Nature in a Rural Decor

You can leave the field without the field leaving you. Natural decor is the perfect excuse to bring nature into the home. Get inspired with us. Elements that portray nature don’t need to be just outside the house. So, let’s show you some natural decor ideas that you can recreate in your favorite rooms.

Get ready for a mix of white, green and lots of wood elements. This is really the secret for a natural, effortless decoration that in everything reminds the country atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of rural decor, you’re in the right place. The difficult thing will be to choose the ideal option for each of the spaces in your home, so be prepared for a lot of indecision throughout the examples that we present to you below.

1. The suspended plants

Hanging plants from the ceiling (safely, of course) is one of the most original ideas when it comes to rural decor. In addition to looking like it’s “out there”, the personality of the space speaks for itself and stands out from the rest of the divisions, as you can see here.

The truth is that you can hang any type of plants, but those in pots are one of the best options in terms of safety and cleanliness. Complement the space with wooden furniture, painted in green, and decorative objects in neutral colors.

2. A country kitchen

The nature found in this kitchen could not be more harmonious. The storage cabinets, in gray tones, do not detract from the dining table, which, in wood, makes room for the rest of the decoration—which is made of all kinds of materials.

You can see porcelain dishes, glass objects, vases, candles, plants and other table accessories that decorate this central element of the kitchen. All elements coexist in perfect harmony and stand out for their originality.

3. The exotic and the rural

Another of the inspirations that we want to make known to you is this room , which combines a unique exotic and rural decoration and, without a doubt, difficult to find in other spaces. The combination of blues, greens and cool tones is unique and results, surprisingly, perfectly.

This can be an option for any of the rooms at home, as long as it appeals to your creativity and realizes that, even though some decor elements don’t seem to match, they end up coexisting in a unique way.

4. Trees and wood

As we told you at the beginning of this article, rural decoration uses and abuses greenish tones and wooden elements, and here is another proof of that. Don’t get stuck in the room, because the idea of ​​putting trees and other plants doesn’t need to be confined to the room quite the opposite.

Whether in the bedroom, office or living room, we advise you to paint the walls in a darker color (like an “oil blue”) so that the rest of the decoration stands out on its own. One of the elements that you can place in the space you want to decorate are chairs in natural material, as this one is an example.

5. Nature in the corners of the house

When we talk about rural decoration, we don’t want to imply that it must, necessarily, be applied to an entire room, because that doesn’t need to happen. You can, therefore, opt for decorative elements that channel nature into the home without this implying the total change of a room.

This is a good example of this. It is relatively simple to bring natural elements to a corner of the house and you can do it, for example, in the entrance hall. On a table, you can place some plants, while replicating the process around or beside it. Let wooden objects coexist nearby and you will see that the result is exactly what you imagined.

6. An entrance to nature

The rural decoration can be recreated right at the entrance of the house with the placement of classic cabinets, wooden chairs, vases and plants, as can be seen in this space out of nature.

This is even a great opportunity to show you how well ethnic rugs look in a space decorated according to the air of nature. You can add one or more, as long as it appeals to your imagination and, of course, your taste.

7. Nature’s air in the bedroom

It doesn’t take much to decorate a room, because it’s a good idea not to overdo it with elements that, in the end, harm the space’s ambience. This room is an example of this and manages, through a combination of harmonious colors, to recreate everything you are looking for in rural decor.

All you need is some elements in wood or other natural materials such as a mirror, a rug, a vase or a table and to complement the decoration by placing some plants throughout the space.