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Creative Decor Options to Reuse Bottles and Objects

Check out creative and cost-effective ways to reuse bottles in decor, such as in chandeliers, vases and even soap dishes! The trend of handmade decoration (“handmade”),which prides itself on reusing materials in an artisanal way, has been increasingly successful. In addition to being a great way to recycle objects, your home still gets a unique and personalized touch.

Have you thought about using bottles in decoration ? Those empty drinks, wines, juices, beers and even olive oil are great for you to use all your creativity and create beautiful pieces – such as lamps, alcohol gel display and Christmas tree. Get inspired!

Flower vase

Everyone agrees that flowers bring more life and delicacy to decor, right? To get away from the obvious and still save on the purchase of the vase, which can be quite expensive depending on the model, you can take advantage of a used wine bottle. Painting the object according to the environment’s color palette makes the result even more charming.

Candle holder

How about replacing the flowers with an amazing set of chandeliers? The idea is economical, but it makes all the difference in the decoration of a special candlelight dinner or between Christmas decorations, for example. If you know how to draw, it’s even worth investing in a themed painting on the outside of the bottles.


The options for chandeliers with bottles are very modern and ‘different’, and can be adapted to all environments. You can bet on different models of the item, or make a set with all the same. To complete the DIY (“do it yourself”), the tip is to use a light bulb with visible filaments, like the ones in the images above.

Bedside lamp

Following the wave of lighting, the bottles can also be used to create incredible chandeliers. To further lower the cost of decoration, a good idea is to purchase the famous Christmas “wink lights” and insert them inside them. The neutral dome provides an extra touch of sophistication to the decor.

Soap dish

You can also use a used bottle of vodka or whiskey, for example, to create a new modern soap dish for your bathroom. To do this, just remove the cap and add a “pump” of liquid soap. Another suggestion is to use the decoration as an alcohol gel display , an indispensable product in the current pandemic scenario.


The glasses made from beverage bottles are ideal for personalized shots and drinks, building your own minibar at home. In addition to being cheap, they are resistant and stylish options to compose the table, even in everyday life.


To close the list with a flourish, this innovative inspiration for a bottle watch could not be missing. To make yours, just separate 12 bottles of your choice (they can all be the same or different drinks, as long as they are approximately the same size), a wooden board and simple hands. Then glue each item in its place. It is also possible to customize ready-made watches. Enjoy!