15+ Ideas to Choose Elegant Chandelier for Living Room

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Get to know the step by step to choose the best chandelier for your room.


The decoration of a house or apartment can gain more prominence with the correct lighting. Therefore, a beautiful living room chandelier, in addition to being a decorative item, can make all the difference.

However, before choosing the model, it is necessary to pay attention to some important details. The breadth of space, for example, is a factor that can influence the size of the chandelier. Other issues also need to be taken into account, see which ones.

Do an environmental analysis

If you want to have a chandelier that blends in very well with the room, you need to consider the available space. We often crave a chandelier for its beauty, but we don’t pay attention to the space it can occupy.

Do an environmental analysis

So, if your room is small, opt for chandeliers that are closer to the ceiling. Also, prefer the simpler models, with little volume. That way you don’t run the risk of having a chandelier that disturbs the environment and you don’t run the risk of someone hitting their head on it by accident.

But if the room in your house is very large, outstanding models, that is, with long wires and several layers, can give a special charm to the room. Also, they can be placed in the center or in a corner where you want to stand out. It pays to unleash creativity.

Harmonize with the furniture

Harmonize with the furniture

Creating a harmonious environment is one of the goals of decorators and architects. Even if you don’t have much knowledge in this area, it’s worth looking at the furniture that makes up your living room before buying the chandelier. That is, if your furniture is rustic, it probably won’t match a very luxurious chandelier.

It is also important to know your style to create a space that you like, that is receptive and beautiful. Think of the room as a complete environment and evaluate the possible combinations between furniture and lighting so that everything is harmonious. It is also worth noting whether the lamps are white or yellow, and which is the most suitable for your room.

Currently, on the market, there are numerous options for chandeliers, from the simplest to the most luxurious. A more minimalist room, for example, might match an industrial-style chandelier . A Provencal chandelier can stand out in a space with antique furniture

keep an eye on spending

keep an eye on spending

When thinking about buying a chandelier for a living room, it is necessary to put on paper all the expenses that this investment can bring. Nowadays it is possible to find cheap pieces, but also luxurious chandeliers that are quite expensive. It will all depend on your spending plan.

So, analyze how much you can invest and look for available models within your budget. Also, pay attention to the type of lamp that the chandelier is adapted to receive, as this can impact your electricity bill.

Halogen bulbs, for example, consume a lot of energy. Chandeliers that use LED lamps, on the other hand, use 80% less electricity. If your goal is to have a chandelier that stays on all night, opt for a more economical model.

There are different types of light bulbs, which use more and less energy, so it is important to always ask before buying. The number of lamps that each chandelier has also needs to be evaluated when budgeting for the purchase.

1. Metal Chandelier

Metal Chandelier

Living room with a pendant metal chandelier.

2. Modern Chandelier

Modern Chandelier

More modern chandelier with 5 rods and glass domes.

3. Colorful Pendant Chandelier

Colorful Pendant Chandelier

Colorful pendant chandelier in industrial style.

4. Multilayered Crystal Chandelier

Multilayered Crystal Chandelier

Luxurious multilayered crystal chandelier.

5. Glass Pendant Chandelier

Glass Pendant Chandelier

Simple glass dome pendant chandelier highlighting the type of lamp.

6. Provencal Style Chandelier

Provencal Style Chandelier

Provencal style chandelier made of iron and with lamp nozzles imitating candles.

7. Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandelier, with metal details, in paflon format, close to the ceiling.

8. Industrial Style Chandelier

Industrial Style Chandelier

Another type of industrial style chandelier, this time forming a set.

9. Geometri Shaped Chandelier

Geometri Shaped Chandelier

Modern chandelier with geometric shapes in gold.

10. Traditional Chandelier

Traditional Chandelier

More traditional chandelier with a central dome and smaller ones around it.

11. Rods Chandelier

Rods Chandelier

Modern chandelier, branched with multiple rods.

12.Straw Chandelier

Straw Chandelier

Straw chandelier in pendant format, placed in one of the corners of the room.

13. Single Coloured Chandelier

Single Coloured Chandelier

Set of chandeliers arranged side by side and in a single color, very uniform.

14. Global Shaped Chandelier

Global Shaped Chandelier

Globe-shaped pendant chandelier placed on top of a small dining table in the living room.

15. Oldest Chandelier

Oldest Chandelier

One of the oldest chandelier models in a modern retelling.

16. Pendant Chandelier

Pendant Chandelier

Pendant chandeliers located in the division between the living room and the American kitchen.

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